PayPal Shuts Down Wikileaks Donation Account

More trouble for Wikileaks:

The online payment service provider PayPal has cut off the account used by WikiLeaks to collect donations, serving another blow to the organisation just as it was struggling to keep its website accessible after an American company stopped directing traffic to it.

PayPal said in a blog posting that the move was prompted by a violation of its policy, ‘which states that our payment service cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity’.


Donating money to WikiLeaks via PayPal today was not possible anymore, generating an error message saying ‘this recipient is currently unable to receive money’.

Gossip goes that Mother Russia has its eye on Wikileaks, as it’s punted all over the web from one host to the next, due to the site’s information on Russia. If Julian Assange takes on the Kremlin, an entity known for offing spies and bringing the plots of “Mission Impossible” movies to life, pass the popcorn, this could get interesting.


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