Ezra Klein, the Constitution has no binding power anything and is confusing

It seems that Washington Post Staff Writer and MSNBC’s contributor Ezra Klein believes that the Constitution has no binding power 223 years after it was written and with the document being more than 100 years old thus is confusing.

Klein appeared on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown to comment on the reports that the Republican-led House of Representatives will read the historic document aloud when it convenes in the New Year. Klein dismissed this as a tactic and then went on to attack the Constitution as having no binding power, being confusing because of its age and open to personal opinions.

Klein does not understan plain English

One would assume that the Constitution would be confusing to the like of Klein and those over at MSNBC as this is the same network that allows self-identified Socialists spew their dribble on air, then allows a drive-by contributor with a clear problem in comprehending English to attack the founding document of our nation is a new low for this low rated joke of a news network!

The Constitution is quite clear on the responsibilities of our government, yet through miseducation and confusion big government politicians and activists in both parties have grown the size of government in direct violation of their Constitutional Oath over the last 90 years. The Constitution may indeed be confusing for the likes of Klein, but for someone like myself, who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution the document is all too clear on the rights of the citizens of the greatest nation given by GOD and the limits on the power of government over those same citizens.

When it comes down to understanding the Constitution, those over at MSNBC would rather have you, “bend over” than “lean forward!” Those over at MSNBC have attacked the educational backgrounds of those they have opposed, yet they invite on a contributor who tries to blame the age of our founding document for his lack of understanding on how the Constitution is supposed to limit the duties of government and the power of the citizens over that government!

For Klein stupidity is indeed bliss and what other old documents does he consider non-binding and unable to understand because they are more than 100 years old, perhaps the Bill of Rights and the Emancipation Proclamation are among his list?


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