Good Friday Earth Day: Controlling Carbon Footprints One Fetus at a Time

Did you know the high holy days for three major religions are upon us? Passover, Easter, and … Earth Day. And it’s all about population control.

On Earth Day, Earthers bow down and worship Mother Gaia — this year on Good Friday of all days! — by turning off electricity around the world to save their de facto deity, affectionately personified as Gaia or Gaea, from the heresies of carbon, internal combustion engines and incandescent lighting. Despite the fact that there are more than 1 billlion (with a B) baptized Catholics, and 2.1 billion “Christians” worldwide, and that more than 77% of Americans identify themselves as either Jewish or Christian, secular businesses are gradually growing green, supplanting Passover and Good Friday with the pagan-like politically correct “Earth Day” because of the threat of capitalist-killing environmentalist-wacko policies.

Citing a handful of enviromental laws, and the current Bolivian inspired U.N. insanity “”to end capitalism’ and realize ‘harmony with Mother Earth,'” eco-feminists in the Make-Believe Media urge formal recognition of “Mother” Earth as an entity entitled to human rights (never mind human rights for all humans?) They employing liberals’ template racist imagery and femini-schtick language to personify nature as a victim enslaved by man. They use terms like “mother,” give “her” a name, and advocate earth’s emancipation from human slavery in a “Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth.”

We’re talking about a chunck of rock with a molten metal core circling a star, folks. People named the orbiting rock “earth” in the first place. The earth is not alive. It is a platform for life.

There is growing green shakedown out there, with local, national and international leaders revamping laws to make capitalism more difficult, taking away economic power from people to strengthen governmental control. And money really does grow on trees if those trees are part of an Earth Day celebration. My bank reminds me at its ATMs. Even the family photo calendar I ordered from Walgreens came with “Earth Day” printed where Good Friday should have been! My Staples day planner lists both titles side by side on the same line like co-star film billing.

At its core, environmentalism is nothing more than population control. Earthers are really just control freaks restricting who will have access to the earth’s natural resources. Earth Day is “the first Holy Day which transcends all national boarders” “honoring the planet and all living things that inhabit it.” Except people. The founder of Earth Day listed a nation’s wealth as “its air, water, soil, forests, minerals, rivers, lakes, oceans, scenic beauty, wildlife habitats and biodiversity.” A nation’s people are a danger to its natural wealth. Too many little carbon footprints.

That’s where Planned Parenthood and eugenics matron Margaret Sanger come in.

Yes, Planned Parenthood and Environmentalists share a common philosophy: Nature must be controlled. Earthers shriek at the mere notion of cutting down the lush, naturally occurring biodiversity of the rain forests. Yet, Planned Parenthood rips out naturally conceived babies at a rate of over 300,000 per year. Imagine if those fetuses were trees….

[youtube k85uKjk4uEc]

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, believed that humans must artificially inhibit conception and control childbirth for the health and well-being of the mother. Sounds just like environmentalists’ cry “Mother Earth First!” Instead of relying on natural, organic (and effective) methods for spacing children (where are the environmentalists here?), Margaret Sanger and her ilk today promote artificial, unnatural chemicals and procedures to interrupt and control the course of Nature so that women and sex slaves of all ages can enjoy the birds and the bees. When Nature generates a pregnancy, PP provides abortion as the final solution.

If mankind has the power to destroy Mama Gaia just by doing what comes naturally — hunt, gather, reproduce and evolve, all the while emitting the carbon dioxide that plants need to grow — then such awesome power implies that a Force greater than Nature created man; a Divine Gardener, if you will. Alternatively, if mankind is just another part of nature, then he cannot be a threat to it for he himself is subject to it, and that would mean there would be no real need for Earth Day. And what’s worse: if man is merely part of nature, then he is subject to her natural laws, including laws governing procreation. After all, children are just another form of genetic biodiversity.

On Good Friday, Christians the world over believe Jesus died on a tree to redeem Mankind, granting us freedom from sin and new life as children of God. By contrast, control freak Gaia enthusiasts and abortion zealots twist and sacrifice individual human rights in order to protect trees and ancient pagan goddesss worship. Despite all the prog linguistics, Earth Day is at odds with human life and the universal Judeo-Christian message of life. It’s all about controlling the carbon emitters.


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