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Sound Bite For the Day: Shame On You For Answering the Debate Questions



The DNC has produced a deceptively edited advertisement to make it look as though the GOP candidates for President aren’t interested in education or the middle class and instead are fixated on Shariah Law and permanent moon bases. The problem is, of course, each of the candidates’ statements were direct responses to the questions delivered from CNN moderator John King. Now, we know Democrats aren’t used to politicians who give direct answers to questions in a debate, but perhaps their beef should be with the questions and not the answers.

[youtube ZGQrPLndeck nolink]

Foreign policy didn’t make an appearance until over an hour into the debate and a discussion on energy was non-exsistant. There wasn’t a discussion on “middle class,” there wasn’t a portion of the debate devoted to education. This was how CNN structured the debate – some are saying the above was omitted for the sole purpose of giving Democrats a potshot like this, though I don’t necessarily agree with that; I think these were the issues that CNN felt their audience valued. (Abortion, gay marriage, and Muslims over energy and foreign policy, I know.)


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