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Sound Bite For the Day: "I'm Credentialed! I Belong Here!"


These videos from Kerry Picket of the Washington Times show just of quickly progressives can make themselves hysterical.

[youtube hwN3VNTyqOA nolink]

Ryan Clayton with Insert Leftist Organization Here angrily confronted Andrew Breitbart when he ventured into the lobby where Netroots was being held, and obsessed over his credentials before fabricating a story about a Breitbart employee who claimed to work for Breitbart and yelled racial epithets at a Muslim woman. Considering that none of the Bigs editors are in Minnesota this weekend due to other obligations and that Clayton outright refused to provide a name, witnesses, or any video evidence (remember this?), and nothing exists online to support Clayton’s claims, it’s doubtful, to say the least. When Picket presses Clayton for any evidence to back up his story, Clayton makes a kissy-face to the camera and starts talking about cocaine.

As per the credentials, I’m not sure why anyone would pay to attend a conference when they can read the Kos comments for free. From everything seen via video and on Twitter, it’s exactly the same.

*UPDATE: Michael Wilson shares this video of Ryan Clayton having an ad hominem meltdown:

[youtube xpLwc83Jmko nolink]


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