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Sound Bite For the Day: Girl Fight


“They want to see two girls come together and have a mud wrestling fight. And I’m not gonna give it to them because I have great admiration and respect for the Governor.”

Bashir later says that Bachmann is using a Palin tactic and aims to “fabricate media animosity and then paint yourself as a victim of it.”

Er, “fabricated?”

Olbermann: Bachmann’s a Pig

Michele Bachmann Is Right on The Founding Fathers Work To End Slavery

Matt Taibbi and ‘Rolling Stone’s apparently plagiarized Bachmann hitpiece

Daily Beast Hit Piece on Bachmann Uses Dead Link as Source

MSM Assumes the Position, Bachmann Wins

Chris Matthews: Bachmann’s an Idiot

Media Shows Blatant Hypocrisy as They ‘Interview’ Bachmann

Lawrence O’Donnell: Bachmann’s Voters Are Ignorant Because They’re White”

There’s a lot more, I figure that you get my drift by now.


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