Oh No: "Good Morning America" Attempts a Viral Video

GMA is attempting to recreate the Rebecca Black sensation (for the lack of a better word) by patterning with crimes against music, Ark Music Factory. The company seemingly produces easy-to-make videos for rich suburban tweens, the ridicule of which, not the artistic skill, makes them famous.

In a weeklong programming stunt called “One Week to Hit it Big: Pop Star,” the show will select an ordinary teenage girl, and will attempt to turn her into an overnight sensation.

Why GMA would want to do this is beyond me; it shows that they miss the point out of the gate.

[youtube WWAdi6GYGdA nolink]

The Rebecca Black video went viral because there was no expectation or intention for it to do so. Some wiseass on Youtube discovered it, had a laugh, passed it around and it was mocked relentlessly. Humor made it famous. GMA lends this second effort none of these things — but they have demonstrated what it means to jump the shark.

(This video may be better than Black’s because Mandy Moore 2.0 marks some dance moves towards the end.)