Media Matters' David Brock Looking for a Cheerleader Says Psychiatrist


“This is somebody, who seemingly has such low self esteem Steve, that he’s lurching from one group to another, that whoever will embrace him, and reassure him that he’s a decent guy and be his cheerleader in a dramatic way, that’s who he’s going to be with.


He switched sides when his book on Clinton didn’t do that well.”

This is pretty much what I wrote on Brock in May (I only play a psychiatrist on the web):

He got his feelings hurt when his book flopped? He expected his conservative friends to blow smoke up his rear and fawn over his book because he was a conservative? He later says that he thinks his friends were only friends with him because he was a “liberal killer,” but what I see here is someone who only valued those friends by the gratification and appreciation they could show him.

He didn’t change positions because of policy, he changed positions because of feelings. And because he wanted to be popular.


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