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CNN Ignores Pigford Fraud, Joins John Boyd In Suggesting Critics are Racists


This morning CNN gave a platform to John Boyd, President of the Black Farmer’s Union, so he could claim that Michele Bachmann’s criticism of Pigford fraud is based on racism, not fraud.

“Do you feel that she’s racist?” asked the anchor.

Not once was the testimony included of the actual black farmers who blew the whistle on this fraud, nor was anyone invited on to provide a counter point and discuss the concrete fraud uncovered in this case — how the fraud actually discriminates against the actual black farmers who were shortchanged by the USDA because many committed fraud to receive money to which they were not entitled. John Boyd doesn’t want you to know this.

CNN can start here:

Original Pigford Claimant Calls It One of the ‘Biggest Conspiracies Against the U.S. Treasury Ever’

Another Pigford Statistical Anomaly – covers the census Boyd mentions

Pigford Blues: The Curious Case of Dr. John Boyd

AUDIO of how fraudulent claimants were coached: Pigford Fraud Justified by Tom Burrell

Will Iowa Become Ground Zero In Pigford Debate?

The Pigford Con Game: So Many Victims

The Obama Administration’s Guide To Farmer Settlement Fraud

Why was none of this included in this morning’s interview? Why was the CNN anchor so unprepared to discuss or interview anyone on this topic? Why was the focus on smearing Michele Bachmann and not the actual fraud in Pigford – fraud brought to the nation’s attention by the discriminated black farmers themselves? Why was no counter point invited on to challenge John Boyd’s false claims?

Why does the media participate in actual systematic discrimination so long as they can wield it as a false weapon against the right?


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