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Cenk Uygur's Rambling Reason for Getting Axed at MSNBC


Who knew MSNBC had standards? It appears that their strategy of throwing wet noodles at the wall hasn’t worked because the long-winded incoherent one slid back onto the floor.

Cenk Uygur talks like Keanu Reeves and says “whoa” a lot in his video explaining why MSNBC canned him.

“And I was like, whoa.”

The painfully long video in which Uygur explains at first how it was a mutual decision but then morphs into “why did they let me go?” before saying NO, he wants to stay on the Internet.

[youtube HrKKkGl3TnY nolink]

Oh my, that’s before I saw the part II.

[youtube FEYkBA5ze6c nolink]

(At the time of this posting his videos had only a couple hundred views.)

Most viewers couldn’t bear to watch the whole first video, much less second rambling video, but if you do, you get the feeling that Uygur feels that his audience shares his wonderment at his dismissal. No offense, but the problem is that Uygur doesn’t speak well. He mumbles, runs words together, and is not quick off the cuff. He’s simply not good at television and likely not much better at radio. Proof that while anyone can throw a show up on Youtube, not everyone has the ability to drive one.



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