Media on RNC's new Campaign Ad: Foreboding, Ominous, Dark, Doomsday!!

Lions, and Tigers and Bears! RNC scares the Make-Believe Media. Oh, My!

The AP characterizes the newest RNC campaign ad as a “dark” GOP “attack” that has a “wide-eyed girl … fearfully watching a TV” show that “portrays Obama as a dupe of China that has mastered the United States by 2017,” the end of his second term in office. CNN calls the ad a “future doomsday scenario.” WaPo labels it a “foreboding” portrayal of “Obama as a tool of Chinese masters.” Even fair and balanced Fox News calls the ad “ominous.” Yikes!

[youtube LERYBwsaesY nolink]

So far, the RNC has rolled out four “Change Direction” ads, each presenting serious and straightforward predictions of bad times ahead if Obama is relected in 2012.

I say it’s truth in advertising, but I guess there’s just too much gravitas in the spots for the lefties. Mustn’t scare the “bed-wetters” in the media! (h/t Michael Walsh) So, to help out the RNC lighten the tone, I suggest an ad ridiculing Obama’s record of accomplishments. With some professional polish, this might do the trick:

[youtube Ue52N_W2RGQ]

The Left’s own Saul Alinksy said: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Hey, GOP, it’s time to have some fun and take a page out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

And May the Farce be with You.


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