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The Slow Motion Train Wreck That is Al Sharpton's Political Punditry


Oh my.

Watching Al Sharpton perform off-the-cuff analysis is like watching a completely inebriated individual attempt to stand up, over and over again, and failing.

“Well if he never said ‘goalposts,’ how did he move the goalposts?”


“But after it goes before the Senate and the House the Balanced Budget Amendment I mean, uh, it is incredibly uh, uh, far right and incredibly uh real, real, real, political miscalculation.”

The hell? That is verbatim.

When the Dallas Tea Party criticized MSNBC for the complete lack of diversity in their lineup, I thought MSNBC would remedy their lack of diversity by finding someone who actually has the skills (Juan Williams, Roland Martin, Larry Elder off the top of my head) to host a television program, not grab someone who many (even on the left) argue got the job in a suspicious way.

The Comcast/NBC merger would not have occurred if not for the approval of the FCC. One FCC commissioner, Democrat Michael Copps, voted against the merger saying that it would “erode(s) diversity, localism and competition”. The “diversity and localism” issue is something that had been a key concern for newly appointed FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn when she took her position early in the Obama Administration. And she held out her approval until she was certain that it would not be an issue.

She was swayed by a “diversity memorandum of agreement” signed by Sharpton and developed with help from his National Action Network. Clyburn, daughter of South Carolina congressman James Clyburn, said the diversity memorandum “will serve to keep the new entity (Comcast/NBC) honest in promoting diversity.”

As The Daily Beast reports:

Sharpton has a long and well-documented history of leveraging his civil-rights profile for his own benefit. Grabbing a prime-time anchor spot in exchange for cheerleading for a controversial merger would be the capper on that career. It’s gone remarkably unnoticed that Sharpton was the first major black leader to endorse the Comcast merger, which met fierce resistance.

Is this MSNBC “leaning forward?” I already miss Cenk.


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