MSNBC Selectively Edits Perry Remark to Smear Him as a Racist *UPDATE Here Comes Joan Walsh to Defend *UPDATE: More Schultz Editing *GASP: Obama Used Phrase, Too? *UPDATE: Schultz Apologizes


Ed Schultz used a deceptive edit to misinform his audience about the content of Gov. Rick Perry’s speech in Iowa yesterday. Schultz claimed that Gov. Perry was calling President Obama a “black cloud hanging over America” when in fact, the governor was talking about the national debt.

MSNBC and Ed Schultz owe Perry and the viewing audience a massive apology for their false statement. Deliberately false? Possibly. The fact that they were careful to omit from Perry’s statement his referring to the national debt surely begs the question.

Developing …


Um, no. Walsh needs to watch it again. His actual quote:

” … that big black cloud that is hanging over America,that debt that is so monstrous …

and the edited quote:

” … that big black cloud that is hanging over America …”


Schultz: “That black cloud that Perry is talking about is Barack Obama.”

Come again, Joan?

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*EVEN MORE: Obama used the phrase in 2009? Racist!

*UPDATE: Schultz apologizes.

“We did not present the full context of those clips …”

It was a mistake and we regret the error … we should not have included it in our coverage of his overheated rhetoric. That’s our mistake.

You think?

Sorry Schultz, apology not accepted. We may have bought your plea after the “right wing slut” remarks, but not anymore. Also, please see irony redefined in Schultz attempting to call out “heated rhetoric.”

Keep leaning forward, MSNBC.


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