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MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Leads Protest During Broadcast, Shouts At Protesters: "I Love What You're Doing"


Today’s Sound Bite. This is journalism? I was waiting for Ratigan to drop the mic and pick up a placard.

Oh my: at 4:15 in he does just about that: he leads the crowd in a stance and shouts “I agree with you!”

[youtube D8EPnWjoHUE nolink]

I couldn’t tell that this was a news piece. Ratigan was a protester, not a broadcaster. He at no time attempted even an ounce of objectivity. I don’t expect Ratigan to be bipartisan; he’s a socialist on MSNBC, after all. I support free speech and free choice for journalists to be as partisan as they want on their own time but not during their broadcast–and especially not taking part in and leading protests as part of their broadcast.

Is this part of MSNBC’s “lean forward” strategy?


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