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Anthony Weiner Called Wife's Parents "Backward," Compared Wife To Mistresses In Newly Released "Sexts"


Ugh. Just when your opinion of the man couldn’t sink any lower. Anthony Weiner’s sexting mistress, Traci Nobles, is speaking out about the disgraced former congressman’s habits in a new book. Nobles is doing a publicity tour for her book, I Friended You, released this month.

Excerpts from the book, which are being published exclusively by MailOnline, show how Weiner, 47, sent explicit messages from his congressional office and boasted about masturbating in the House toilets.

In the exchanges he complained that spending time with his wife’s parents is ‘exhausting’ as ‘they are a bit backwards thinking’.

Mrs Abedin, 35, a personal aide and deputy chief of staff to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, revealed she was pregnant in the middle of Weiner’s Twitter photo fiasco.

‘I wish I had an escape route sometimes,’ he wrote.

‘Well a lot has to do with religion,’ Weiner wrote in the messages to Ms Nobles. ‘Lots of restrictions and how I’ve never been accepted by them.’

‘Touchy is a good word for this. It’s been touchy and worse from the beginning,’ he added.

‘They just believe I should be Muslim or convert… it makes for a lot of uncomfortable meetings.’

‘When you’re religion is something that is hated from the beginning it doesn’t inspire much confidence,’ he wrote.

Weiner apparently used a photo of his niece as his avatar.

On the occasions that our talk would turn dirty, there was one time that especially stood out because of a picture Weiner chose for his Yahoo avatar: a picture of his niece. It felt strange to dirty talk with a toddler looking back at me. I was distracted by the photo of his niece; it felt weird, not so sexy.

I asked him, ‘Is it weird that we are dirty talking in front of your niece?’ But, the truth is, even though it felt odd, it wasn’t gonna stop me from chatting with him. I guess the bigger question I had for him at that time was why he changed it! He told me the reason for this photo change was due to several of his staff members being on the Yahoo chat messenger. He didn’t want them to put his face with the name he chose for himself, ‘rockoh77.’

Nobles says “I didn’t think about his wife.” Of course not.

She appeared on the “Today” show; it will be interesting to see who else gives (or doesn’t) her publicity.


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