Occupy Boston: Reporter Who Refused to Listen to Police Arrested

“…most notably no one in the press was leaving.”

Ed. Note: It’s not clear if the video above was taken at the same protest referenced in the article below.


More than 50 protestors were arrested from the Occupy Boston movement last night after refusing to obey police and move from a protest site.

WPRO’s digital reporter Bob Plain was among one of those arrested and charged with unlawful assembly. “They actually warned everyone, ‘you have 2 minutes to get out of here, you have one minute to get out of here,’ no one was leaving-most notably no one in the press was leaving,” Plain told the WPRO Morning News with Tara Granahan and Andrew Gobeil. …

The protestors are part of the national Occupy Wall Street effort and they are camped out at Dewey Square. When protestors moved from Dewey Square to a site along the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a local conservancy group called in complaints. The group stated they had just planted $150,000 worth of shrubs along the Greenway and they feared that the plants would be damaged or destroyed.

Boston police made efforts to encourage the protestors to move from the greenway including issuing leaflets notifying protestors they could not gather on the greenway

Full piece here along with audio.


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