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Saturday Crib Sheet: Spittin' Mad, Occupiers' Ratings Tank


– There was never any serious proof that tea party members spat upon a black Democrat Congressman. There is, however,official confirmation of Occupy protest participants spitting upon a female member of our armed forces. There was a time in American media when facts seemed to matter. That time is long gone.

Timothy A. Clary photo

The problem with the media coverage, obviously, is that the MSM sees this movement as something that can turn out the vote for Obama in 2012 and offset the impact of the Tea Party. Regardless of the ongoing lawlessness, the hundreds of arrests, and what we’re seeing unfold today, Occupy Wall Street is useful to the MSM’s gameplan to ensure another term for President FailureTeleprompter. The Occupy movement also gives Obama’s Media Palace Guards reason to ignore the brewing Fast and Furious and Solyndra scandals.

A case in point.

Wednesday marked the six week anniversary of solar company Solyndra declaring bankruptcy. Despite this, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz, and Al Sharpton have yet to report one single word about this growing scandal on their respective prime time programs.

– Why would Marxists want to take over DC’s Freedom Plaza? My God, comrades, isn’t the White House enough? Apparently not.

The “October 2011” movement organizer Dennis Trainor tells me that he believes capitalism is “homicidal” and that the U.S. needs a revolution. “This is not a reform movement,” he said. He is part of the illegal occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. The “October 2011” movement is not part of, but endorses the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that began several weeks ago.

– Meanwhile, the major networks continue to hype the Occupy movement, despite declining ratings. Is the media heading for an Occollaspe? Stayed tuned.

Evening show network executives, however, may be less than thrilled about the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd coverage, and secretly hoping for the whole thing to wind down. That’s because their shows, which have generally seen their ratings rise during the past twelve months, saw their combined audience fall below 21 million during the week of October 3, with CBS suffering a particularly sharp drop (comparisons are to previous week):

– If they are going to insist on continuing to give it more significance than it honestly deserves, will they review Big Government’s doc drop revealing the inner workings of the Occupy movement? Don’t bet the bank on it, they’re more likely to side with the anarcho-socialists intent on bring the banking industry down.


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