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Who Watches the Watchmen: CNN Uses PolitiFact to Hammer Credibility of GOP Candidates



What good is a self-appointed truth squad that appears in a national news segment like this merely to call the top-three GOP candidates “mostly” liars? Oh, and what about one that doesn’t bother to fact-check even a single Democrat?

Whether at times I agree with them or not makes no difference. Overall, these insidious left-wing “truth squads” are almost always used to allow the leftist MSM to beat our candidates senseless using some other leftist’s version of the truth as their “objective” weapon. Back in April, I wrote at length about the danger of these partisan organizations disguised as objective fact-checkers:

This is the same PolitiFACT that defended Obama from a SNL skit. The same PolitiFACT that somehow determined Obama’s failed stimulus “saved” a million jobs. The same PolitiFACT who just got busted by our own Charlie Sykes for using a Soros-funded source in an attempt to discredit him. In fact, PolitiFact’s lies and biases are so bountiful, they’ve kept a whole website in business devoted to chronicling them. They also won a Pulitzer, which should tell you everything you need to know.

The CNN segment above is a perfect example of how CNN and the rest of the MSM intend to use these “fact checkers” against our side throughout 2012, just as they did throughout 2008. Watch the entire clip again and ask yourself why only three Republicans are targeted. Is CNN trying to tell us that President Obama hasn’t said anything lately that could’ve been included in this segment? What about Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or Joe Biden?

What about Eric Holder?

And when you watch the segment again, pay extra special attention to how PolitiFact gets super-literal in order to claim Mitt Romney’s statement about being able to move a factory to another state is “false.”

Everyone understands what Romney meant by that statement, but by cherry-picking their own context (in this case, an absurdly literal one) in which to gauge his statement by, PolitiFact can call him a liar.

Most any day of the week, you can visit PolitiFact and see this. Almost always, it seems, Republicans take up most of the space on the site’s front page, the angle being to make members of the GOP look like they constantly lie their asses off.

CNN is even worse than PolitiFact, because they’re the ones using them. Obviously, CNN doesn’t want to damage their laughable reputation as the “most trusted name in news,” but they do want to help Barack Obama get reelected. Therefore, they hire outside mercenaries like PolitiFact to come on the air disguised as objective do-gooders.

As we get closer to the 2012 election, this kind of assassination-by-factchecker will get more and more intense, especially after we choose a nominee and most especially after each of the presidential debates. In 2008, I watched how the likes of CNN used organizations like PolitiFact to relentlessly undermine the credibility of our side, and the bad news is that they were and are very, very effective. Their job, and they do it well, is to give the MSM license to continually hammer away and change the narrative about our candidates under the guise of “news.”

These fact-checkers are especially useful to the MSM at killing any momentum or narrative advantage our side gains. We land a blow, the MSM finds a way to somehow declare that blow a lie; then they make that the story and suddenly our side is off message and on defense and Obama is back on message.

The MSM might be corrupt, but they’re not dumb, and PolitiFact is a grim reminder of that.


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