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Wednesday Crib Sheet: Cooper Scores Well As Moderator, CBS Promotes Occupy


NewsBusters looks at a featured segment affiliated with the host of last night’s GOP debate on CNN.

CNN advertises Cooper’s regular segment, “Keeping Them Honest,” with the question: “Who’s Anderson keeping honest tonight?” Apparently, CNN and Cooper find Republicans are much more dishonest. Since July, a review of “Keeping Them Honest” segments found 24 reports tagging the Republicans with dishonesty, compared with just three for Democrats – a ratio of eight to one.

– Meanwhile, our own John Nolte felt he handled himself well as moderator. Weigh in with your thoughts below in comments, should you desire.

Whatever you might think of Anderson Cooper as a CNN anchor (I’m obviously not a fan), his performance as tonight’s moderator of the GOP’s 287th debate was stellar. His questions were all on point and he stayed far away from the divisive social issues no one but “journalists” interested in re-electing Obama care about. And, for the first time, it seemed as though everyone on the stage got close to equal time to speak.

CBS bangs the drum for the Occupy movement’s incessant drumming as a means of achieving harmony.

On Tuesday’s Early Show, CBS’s Bigad Shaban, seemingly grasping for straws for any reason to report on “Occupy Wall Street,” played up the music performances from protesters down in lower Manhattan. Shaban emphasized how “music has helped spur movements,” and gushed that “some believe if history is any indication, they could provide harmony to a movement.”

– MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan has been hitting harmony like a drum beat, too. But then, the media didn’t just get the memo, in this instance, they helped write it, too, as we’ve shown.

Other exchanges and an email from Dylan Ratigan himself to the activist group were revealed in this Big Journalism post by Editor Dana Loesch. Note the subject header of Ratigan’s October 7th email at previous link: “Harmony.” Here is Ratigan invoking the same theme to a media reporter on October 12th.

– And the beat goes on, until we beat them next November, folks.

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