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Buried Lede of the Day: AK-47 at #OccupyAtlanta


Photo: WBS-TV

The Associated Press published a report this morning about the Occupy Oakland protests.

Way, way down at the bottom of article was this explosive detail about Occupy Atlanta:

Mayor Kasim Reed had been supportive of the protests, twice issuing an executive order allowing them to remain.

Reed said on Wednesday that he had no choice to arrest them because he believed things were headed in a direction that was no longer peaceful. He cited a man seen walking the park with an AK-47 assault rifle.

“There were some who wanted to continue along the peaceful lines, and some who thought that their path should be more radical,” Reed said. “As mayor, I couldn’t wait for them to finish that debate.”

Reed said authorities could not determine whether the rifle was loaded, and were unable to get additional information.

An Associated Press reporter talked to the man with the gun earlier Tuesday.

He wouldn’t give his name — identifying himself only as “Porch,” an out-of-work accountant who doesn’t agree with the protesters’ views — but said that he was there, armed, because he wanted to protect the rights of people to protest.

(emphasis added)

“Porch” wasn’t trying to demonstrate Second Amendment rights–he fully intended to threaten, and possibly shoot at, police.

Minor detail.


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