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Credit Where It's Due: CBS Discovers US Arming Mexican Drug Cartels In New Program


And it’s legal. Legal and the government doesn’t disclose the details. Mary Chastain has been all over Fast and Furious for the past several weeks. You’d think such a story as this would be headline news, considering we’re talking about thousands and thousands and thousands of firearms sold to Mexico over the past several years. The numbers keep going up, but the most Transparent Administration Ever stopped disclosing the number of sales. Sharyl Attkisson has been performing top-notch journalism in uncovering this and other stories similar to the Fast and Furious program.

One of the reasons that this story has grown is because so few are covering it. Media outlets are content to freeze frame shots of candidates’ offices and speculate on the lack of evidence condemning someone in a conveniently-timed sex scandal, but on the matters of the Obama admin, crickets.

Kudos to Attkisson for a stellar report.


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