Wednesday Crib Sheet: What Dems And GOP Watch, Soros Moves In On NBC


Entertainment Weekly: Republicans and Democrats watch different things.

Republicans don’t watch MTV’s Jersey Shore. But they dig ABC’s Castle.

Democrats don’t like Discovery’sDeadliest Catch. But they swoon for NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

Those are a few of the findings from an annual research survey by Experian-Simmons that measures the consumer preferences of various political ideologies. In a report prepared exclusively for EW, the company calculated some of the favorite — and least favorite — TV shows of political partisans. (Specifically: the report measures which shows among the survey group were watched by the highest concentration of self-identified “Liberal Democrats” and “Conservative Republicans.”)

I will tell you right now, this is a load of crap. I’m a conservative who votes Republican and I like to watch “Jersey Shore.” I’m not proud of it and I cringe whenever Snooki says she’s a “Republican” because I think “Why. WHY do YOU have to be on my side?” but it’s entertaining. I always think “So this is how the other half lives.” The other half being drunk, skanky bros and bro-itas. I also watch “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” so no, I won’t let Dems claim that.

I’m also completely not shocked that Democrats like to watch “The View.” Conservatives, for their part, like to watch things that require a brain for interest. Things like “Mythbusters.” Of course, they watch “Swamp People,” too. Hey, SO WOULD I and I’m going to now that I know there exists a show about people from the swamp.

Lefty blogger at Washington Post: OWS is dead:

In nearby Freedom Plaza, there are fewer tents than there were earlier in fall — and itwasn’t exactly booming then. When Browne, the 63-year-old singer and activist, walked to the microphones, there were all of 125 people to listen to the performance, including a media pack of about 40.

“You are the 99 percent!” Browne, in leather jacket, blue jeans and Salomon athletic shoes, told the modest crowd. “This is what democracy looks like.”

But this is not what a mass movement looks like.


A German reporter asked Browne if he thought the Occupy movement needed its own song. “You don’t need a new song for the movement,” he said. “It’s got plenty of songs. It just needs people to show up and sing.”

He’s right. But where are they?

OWS was already dead but then this happened:

[youtube Ovs0fpFgeqw nolink]

And then the music died. And then it came back! (At the time of this posting Miley’s video only had 517k views. You’d think a big celebrity like her would have more or that all of those mathematically-challenged progressives would gobble up the attention. Even hobos have some musical standards.)

And then some dude my hippie parents listened to showed up and bored the crowd to tears with songs he’d forget while playing.

It’s funny, Hollywood types wanted to pretend they were occupiers, but only so far as selling shirts and playing a quick gig when they’ve got albums dropping.

NBC moves forward to partner with Soros-funded non-profits. Soros in the newsroom! What could go wrong?

As part of the merger application for NBC Universal and Comcast, NBC had pledged to establish partnerships in five of its markets, modeled on the existing relationship between KNSD-TV and “Effectively immediately,” Brian Stelter reports, “NBC’s station in Chicago will work with The Chicago Reporter blog and magazine; its station in Philadelphia, with WHYY, a public radio station, and its community site NewsWorks; and its station in Los Angeles, with KPCC, a public radio station. All 10 of NBC’s stations will at times collaborate with ProPublica, the acclaimed investigative journalism nonprofit organization.”

ProPublica is funded by Soros:

We’ve written on this previously:

FCC Orders NBC Newsrooms To Partner With Soros-Funded Non-Profits:

One of the FCC stipulations of the Comcast – NBCU merger was the incorporation of non-profit journalism centers into NBC newsrooms. They are charged with maintaining and increasing local news coverage, the regulation based on the relationship between KNSD-TV and

KNSD airs the segments, but really can’t take all the credit for them. They are largely the work, a local nonprofit journalism center that has been sharing news tips, co-producing and supplying content to the station for several years.


Under the terms of the FCC order approving Comcast’s takeover of NBCU, at least half of NBC’s 10 O&Os have to find a nonprofit news center with which to work within the next year. The order cites the alliance as the model for what it would like to see in other NBC markets.

Proponents of the growing nonprofit news movement are hoping that NBC’s FCC-mandated efforts will bear fruit and encourage other commercial TV stations to seek out nonprofit partners.

There’s just one problem with this: Voice of San Diego is a member of INN (Investigative News Network) which is funded by the Open Society Institute, the URL of which is “” Yes, these “non-profit” journalism centers are funded by George Soros.


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