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Friday Crib Sheet: NBC Catfight And Elements Of Style, Rap Style


RIP Chris Hitchens.

– Catfight! The claws are out for Chelsea at NBC.

The former first daughter is the focus of “intense jealousy” among the show’s female cor respondents, including news veterans Ann Curry, Natalie Morales, Kate Snow and Mer edith Vieira, sources say.

While the women are honored to work alongside anchorman Williams, legendary “Nightline” host Ted Koppel,former CBS newsman Harry Smith and NBC Sports anchor Bob Costas, “the daggers are out for Chelsea,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Chelsea has been hired as a ‘special correspon dent’ with no TV news experience whatsoever, and there’s the feeling that she didn’t pay her dues …

“Top network brass are giving Chelsea star treat ment,” the insider divulged. “One woman groused, ‘If her last name wasn’t Clinton, she’d be Chelsea who? There are college interns here who have more TV experience than she does, but they’ll have to go out to a place like Cleveland for years before they’d even be considered for a network job in New York.’

“And another woman added, ‘When her mother Hillary was running for president in 2008, Chelsea refused to give inter views to the media, and now she suddenly wants to be one of us!’

I know I titled this “catfight,” but it seems dismissive of valid criticisms to brush this off as regular chick fighting. Now, if the women reporters at NBC didn’t feel this way over the hiring of Luke Russert, then it’s apropos. It seems like legitimate concern over the lack of talent or experience of a reporter who got the job due to her last name.

– Strunk’s Elements of Style, white boy rap-style:

The Elements of Style from Jake Heller on Vimeo.

Rove: “Debates transfer power to the media, draining it from the campaigns.”

-Ten months later: AP’s Scott Bauer still contradicting himself, misstating Wisconin collective-bargaining law.


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