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Bias: Media Excoriates GOP Over Wealth, Silent On Obamas's Tone Deafness


Newt Gingrich’s $500k credit line at Tiffany’s made headlines for weeks. Mitt Romney’s facetious $10k debate bet to Rick Perry was used as a sound bite to show him as an evil one percenter out of touch with voters. Somehow, the Wall Street President remains unscathed and untouched throughout it all.

Media headlines leading up to Christmas gingerly (save for the British Daily Mail and the National Enquirer) touched on the First Family’s million-dollar 17-day vacation. Reports of discord in the White House because the President wanted a low-coast Camp David Christmas went mostly unpublished. The First Lady, via various accounts, is said to have pushed for the expensive holiday; while the First Family is said to be covering the cost of their shelter while in Hawaii, the travel and security — costing in the hundreds of thousands — will again be footed by taxpayers. This isn’t unique: FLOTUS’s previous trips, including her vacation to Europe, were footed by the taxpayer.

Adding insult to injury, while most Americans are lucky to receive Christmas day off from work, the President will be absent for 17 days, barely staying long enough to watch Republicans crumple to Democrats over a silly two-month payroll tax cut extension — silly because a 12 month was offered but rejected by Senate Democrats.

Meanwhile, the First Lady gave an interview to Barbara Walters wherein she described the importance of her putting herself “first.” According to the linked piece, the First Lady is receiving criticism for her excessive spending and champagne tastes on the taxpayer budget.

The media publish happy photos of the First Family going to church in the sunshine and applaud ridiculous statements like the above, all the while avoiding the evil once percenter narrative they’ve artfully crafted around Republican candidates.


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