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Nashville Media Reports OWS Fight On Christmas Day


What? More violence and fighting at an OWS encampment? Say it isn’t so? A tale of two cities’ coverage: Nashville immediately reported the slapfight at their OWS hobo HQ:

Occupy Nashville protesters have been together since October 6 on Legislative Plaza. But on a day that many intended to be full of festivities, quite the opposite took center stage for a time …

… NewsChannel 5’s videojournalist was on assignment at Legislative Plaza Sunday covering the holiday celebration, when the angle of the story suddenly changed. Two of the protesters started arguing with each other; one of them was three-months pregnant. Harsh words led to hair pulling and punching, and both of them landed on the ground.

While other protesters tried to break up the situation, NewsChannel 5’s videographer called 911 for help. Medics rushed to the scene and took the pregnant protester to the hospital to be checked out. Police started investigating the situation, and charges may be filed.

Nashville reported it immediately, whereas St. Louis media spiked their sexual assault story for nearly two weeks before it finally made headlines.

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