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The Daily Mail Has No Idea What An iPad Is, Attacks Bachmann


The Daily Mail is a joy to read, mainly because you never know what delicious nugget of editorial bizzarreness you’ll find in its column inches: photos that have nothing to do with the story, misidentified subjects, ads for products published as regular content; it’s British tabloid journalism at its finest (?) and I think they even lean slightly conservative. I mainly read it because I enjoy reading about where the latest UFO was spotted and what Daphne Guinness or Helena Bonham Carter are wearing this week (love them both). But they have no idea what an iPad is.

The Daily Mail realizes that reading a speech in document form off of an iPad is not the same as having it continuously fed to you via teleprompter, yes? Or that an iPad and a teleprompter are two different things?

It sounds like she’s just reading bullet points from her iPad. If she was using one of the teleprompter apps, she would have lost her space as she pauses multiple times including an interrupting train. Not to engage in “iPad-gate,” it does look as though she’s rolling the screen up manually using her thumb.

The horrors!

So no, she’s not using a teleprompter and the Daily Mail is ridiculous for publishing this filler.


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