Obama"s 'Kenya' Lit Booklet Story Is Really About MSM Failures

Obama"s 'Kenya' Lit Booklet Story Is Really About MSM Failures

Never once have I doubted that President Obama was born in Hawaii. There’s no way in the world that little constitutional issue would ever have got past the Clintons during the 2008 Democratic primary. Now that we’re clear on that…

The exclusive story published by Breitbart News today about a 1991 booklet released by Obama’s literary agent that falsely claims the President was born in Kenya, is about many things NOT having to do with where our President was born. And one of those things is the abject failure of the mainstream media to vet properly the man they so desperately wanted to be president.

Breitbart News is a scrappy, upstart organization less than four years old, and the fact that this is our exclusive is great for us. However, more importantly, it is a condemnation of a media that most certainly had the resources to find this story…had they wanted to. And who knows, maybe someone in the media did come across it but chose to cover it up.

The booklet in question that falsely states the President of the United States was born in Kenya is only 21 years old. It’s less than half as young as the now-discredited story that ran in The Washington Post last week about Mitt Romney’s supposed bullying as a teenager in high school.

The question now is: what will the humiliated media do? If past is prologue, they will once again attempt to shoot the messenger, us. It’s what they tried to do in the early days of WeinerGate. Or, they’ll do what they’ve always done with impeccably reported stories that show them up and damage the chosen narrative: ignore it.

You need not be a J-school grad to know there are plenty of follow-up stories here; plenty of questions to ask and reporting to do. Does this booklet not fit the pattern of a politician who has embellished his past, created composite characters, and enjoyed creating myths about himself in two autobiographies written before he reached middle age?

Who is this man whom we only know from his own words and those of his hagiographers in the media? Why would such a thing be published? How was the mistake made–if it was a mistake? If it wasn’t a mistake, let’s ask why. If it was a mistake, let’s ask how.

But just as I’m willing to bet that not a single member of the elite media is currently staking out the University of Chicago Medical Center where Eric Whitaker works (the man Rev. Jeremiah Wright claims tried to bribe him to be quiet on behalf of the Obama campaign), I’m just as sure the corrupt media will do everything in its power to wish this story away, as well.

Wish away, shills. New Media is here and we’ve only just begun to do your job for you. Your failure and your corruption is our mother’s milk.

It feeds, sustains, encourages, and drives us–and we are just getting started.


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