Romney Surrogate Sununu Destroys Trump-Obsessed Soledad O’Brien

Romney Surrogate Sununu Destroys Trump-Obsessed Soledad O’Brien

Soledad O’Brien and CNN beclowning themselves to shill for Obama is hardly news. What is news, though, is Romney surrogate John Sununu aggressively pushing back against CNN and O’Brien for carrying and enabling the Obama campaign’s talking points regarding Donald Trump. It’s a thing of beauty to watch and embedded below.  

If this is going to be Team Romney’s approach to the hostile media, it will pay big dividends with voters. In the segment, Sununu hits a rhetorical grand slam by controlling the conversation and methodically taking it to where it needs to go: economic policy.  Sununu also manages to do this without ever appearing angry or defensive. He’s aggressive, respectful, on offense (and therefore not complaining), and perfectly prepared for what’s coming.

Bringing up Bill Maher to expose CNN — and all of the media’s — bias is a masterstroke.

This is exactly what Romney’s supporters and  surrogates need to do — reject the premise of these distractions intentionally created by Obama’s Media Palace Guards to take everyone’s eyes off the ball of Obama’s failed economic policies. In other words, the exact opposite of anything John McCain would do.

Hopefully, Romney has a large stable of spokespeople who will be just as effective throughout the long campaign — people who can send the message to the corrupt media that we are the adults in the room and we will not play by your corrupt rules; this is an election based on the failed record of a sitting incumbent, not what every Romney supporter says.   

Over the weekend, this Trump nonsense-narrative was a campaign coordinated by the media and the fact that Romney is aware that this is a political tactic and has nothing to do with actual news is a very good sign. Romney knows what he’s up against. You can’t defeat a rival unless you first acknowledge they are your rival.  

BONUS: Watch the faces of Soledad and Ron Brownstein literally turn red as Sununu completely owns them with facts, truth, and legitimate criticisms of Obama that they obviously weren’t prepared for and don’t want to hear.

Like I said, a thing of beauty.

And CNN wonders why its ratings are tanking.  


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