Ken Vogel: Politico's Ex-Soros Employee Attacks GOP Super PACs

I don’t know much about Tarini Parti, the co-author of today’s Koch-a-palooza feature piece at Politico, but Kenneth Vogel is one of Politico’s top hatchet men. Something you won’t learn on Vogel’s Politico bio is that he’s a former George Soros’ employee, but the way in which he conducts his “journalism” sure does give that fact away.

What’s especially hilarious about Vogel is that if you look at the body of his hack-work (and Twitter feed), you’ll see an obvious theme develop about his utter disgust towards money in politics. And if you look at Vogel’s last 10 Politico articles, you’ll see that all but a few revolve around all that evil outside money benefitting the GOP. This includes today’s feature piece referenced above, “Inside the Koch World,” which makes it sound as though Nancy Drew and a Palin-stalking Hardy Boy just blew open the Illuminati.  

Yes, all this hand-wringing about money’s influence on politics is coming from a … George Soros guy.

Why doesn’t Politico just hire grass to sound the alarm about green?

But of course Vogel and Politico hate the idea of unlimited outside money being used to affect the outcome of political elections. Because they believe that only Politico and the rest of the left-wing media should be allowed to use unlimited outside money to affect the outcome of elections.

In fact, the only difference between Ken Vogel, Politico and a GOP super PAC is transparency of motive. Super PACs make no secret of their political motives while Vogel and his employer pretend to be objective journalists as they shill for Obama and write dozens of dishonest pieces layered with a subtext that demands everyone but them lose their right to unlimited political speech.

What’s especially laughable about Politico’s entire front page today is that while Vogel and Politico were digging deep into what a couple of private citizens are doing under their God-given First Amendment right, you won’t find anything (unless I missed it) about President Obama’s double-dip fundraiser last night with the tippy-top 1% that we the taxpayers are partially footing the bill for.

Oh, you’ll find this story lamenting the loss of free speech-restricting campaign finance laws, and this piece with Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod furthering that narrative, but nothing — not a word, not a sound, not a peep — about the most powerful man in the world’s glittery $4.6 million haul in front of those he seriously considers to be the “ULTIMATE arbiter of which direction this country goes.”

When you remember that the media, guys like Vogel, and corrupt outlets like Politico, are only interested in seeing Barack Obama reelected and defeating the right, this kind of stuff not only stops surprising you, it all starts to make perfect sense.

What our President does, a public elected official, is nowhere near as important to Vogel and Politico as what private citizens are doing — conservative private citizens.

The reasons for this are simple and I’ve spelled them out before here and here. But the bottom line is that the corrupt mainstream media doesn’t want to compete for the narrative with those who disagree with them.

This is why you never hear any indignation over the hundreds of millions of union dollars that benefit Obama or the gajillions of dollars Vogel’s former employer George Soros has pumped into left-wing causes everywhere. But let a few wealthy conservatives get together to get a message out, and it’s sic ’em time starring Politico’s Soros’ disciple, Mr. Kenneth P. Vogel.

It’s all so pathetic, desperate, and dishonest.


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