White House, 'Washington Post' Coordinate Another Anti-Romney Attack

White House, 'Washington Post' Coordinate Another Anti-Romney Attack

The narrative.

In politics, the media narrative is everything. The media narrative drives the national conversation, opinion, and, unfortunately, poll numbers. Thanks to bad economic news and a number of unforced errors, narrative-wise, Obama and his media pal have had a very bad June. Desperate to change the subject for Their Precious One, this week we saw the media attempt to rescue Obama by pushing the White House talking points about illegal immigration.

Another media-created narrative push this week was the now-discredited story about presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney and the outsourcing of jobs during his time at Bain Capital.

The media coordinating with one another to create and control narratives that benefit Obama is in and of itself corrupt. After all, these outlets are all supposed to be in competition with one another and yet they all cover the same stories in the same way. Hmm…?

There is something worse, though, and that’s when the media coordinates with the Obama campaign, which is something the fallen Washington Post has been caught doing once again.

In almost all cases, stories like this one published at the Post, take days if not weeks to write. Interviews, research, and whatever editorial and fact-checking process the Post still believes in, all takes time. There’s also the editorial process involved in choosing when to run the story.  

The same is true for the launching of a political attack. Certainly, campaigns, especially at the presidential level, have become quite good at producing commercials and responses with startling efficiency. But the rolling out of a new narrative attack takes planning, meetings, coordination, and strategy sessions. And like the editorial process at a newspaper, you have to decide the best time to launch.

With that in mind, I give you the following facts:

Wednesday, June 20: The Obama campaign launches a (false) attack against Mitt Romney for outsourcing jobs overseas at the expense of American workers. This attack includes a slick new ad.

Thursday, June 21: The Washington Post launches a (false) attack against Mitt Romney for outsourcing jobs overseas at the expense of American workers.

If you think this is a coincidence, please strap on a helmet for daily wear before you hurt yourself.

This is how narratives are built and this is how our corrupt media works with the Obama campaign to aid and abet his reelection.

This is also the third time we have caught the Post doing this.

Back in early May, just a few days after President Obama chose to stop lying about his position on same-sex marriage, the Post launched a now-discredited article that somehow read the mind of a high school-aged Mitt Romney a half-century ago and found him to be a anti-gay bully.

If you think this was a coincidence, I’m sure it will only be a few more days before that Nigerian bank wire shows up.

Just a couple of weeks later, along with the rest of the media, the Post  joined the coordinated campaign with the White House to demonize a pro-Romney super PAC, its donors; and to blackmail the man behind it, his businesses, his family and their businesses.

If you think this was a coincidence, go call Jesse Jackson a liar.

In 2008 the media sold what was left of its soul to get Barack Obama elected.

In 2012, the media is panicked and openly disgracing themselves — which makes them as dangerous as a cornered animal.

And it’s only June.


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