BuzzFeed TMZ: Ben Smith Reduced to Stalking Romney Family, Koch Bros.

BuzzFeed TMZ: Ben Smith Reduced to Stalking Romney Family, Koch Bros.

The thing that you have to remember about Ben Smith and his new site, BuzzFeed Politics, is that Smith and his merry band of BenSmithers-in-training pose as “objective” journalists. Also, and this is most crucial,  the idea behind BuzzFeed Politics is to infect mainstream media narratives into the one area where Americans discuss politics outside the MSM filter, social media.

This is especially true for young voters, the demographic Obama desperately needs to come out in droves if he has any chance of winning reelection.  With this in mind, you can understand why BuzzFeed has gone to such creepy lengths to aid and abet Obama’s desire to define Romney as an out-of-touch rich guy while all but ignoring Obama’s own extravagance, most notably, those lavish Hollywood fundraisers.

Recent examples:

–Over the weekend, BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller was apparently on hand to hang outside a Romney fundraiser like some Bizarro groupie and snap photos of, uhm, cars.

–Earlier in the month, Bizarro groupie Miller spied on and photographed the Romney family vacation.  

–Back in June, BuzzFeed was outside another fundraiser snapping photos like stalkerazzi.

–Here’s BuzzFeed stalking what they call a “Koch Conclave.”

–This is my favorite: BuzzFeed stalking Bain Capital, including Bain’s flight chart to a Romney fundraiser and a photo of a private jet.

–The title of this one speaks for itself: Inside “The Koch Brothers’ Undisclosed Location” *booga-booga-booga*

–More Koch Brothers!

–Here’s an oh-so important expose’ on the “expensive nightclub” the Romney campaign met at.

–Naturally, this Romney-Rich-Guy narrative wouldn’t be complete without Ann Romney’s horse.

While this kind of reporting is on its face childish, desperate, and therefore perfectly in line with what made Ben Smith Ben Smith, it’s also unabashedly biased.

Though these BenSmithers pose as objective journalists, there’s no counterpart to this BuzzFeed reporting when it comes to Barack Obama.

Using Google and BuzzFeed’s own search engine, nowhere have I been able to find a single report filed from outside one of the many swank Hollywood  fundraisers Obama’s attended. Surprisingly, though I encourage you to look for yourself (I could be wrong), I couldn’t even find coverage of those fundraisers at all, outside of tangential stuff like this and this.  But nothing about the obvious “extravagance, fat cat” storyline Smith is obviously attempting to make stick about Romney. 


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