FLASHBACK: Former 'Boston Globe' Reporters Criticized Romney for Leaving Bain in 1999

FLASHBACK: Former 'Boston Globe' Reporters Criticized Romney for Leaving Bain in 1999

In response to today’s Boston Globe’s hit piece, the Washington Post, of all outlets, is pushing back against the Globe story as old news and reveals that, in a 2012 book titled “The Real Romney,” former Boston Globe reporters criticized Romney for leaving Bain Capital in 1999:

But now the Boston Globe has raised the issue again. The story seems to hinge on a quote from a former Securities and Exchange Commission member, which would have more credibility if the Globe had disclosed she was a regular contributor to Democrats. (Interestingly, “The Real Romney,” a book on the former Massachusetts governor, by Boston Globe reporters, states clearly that he left Bain when he went to run the Olympics and details the turmoil that ensued when he suddenly quit, nearly breaking up the partnership)

We’re considering whether to once again take a deeper look at this, though it really feels like Groundhog Day again. There appears to be some confusion about how partnerships are structured and managed, or what SEC documents mean. (Just because you are listed as an owner of shares does not mean you have a managerial role.)

Romney is damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.

Romney either quit abruptly in 1999, leaving Bain in turmoil. Or he managed Bain through 2002 and then committed a felony lying about it.

If these Boston Globe types were smarter, they would get together beforehand to make sure they get the lies straight.


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