NBC'S Touré Race Baits on Guns

NBC'S Touré Race Baits on Guns

MSNBC’s Touré made Aurora all about race yesterday: 

“We understand those are outlier crimes, somebody going to shoot up the mall or shoot up the school. I would hope that it would be a Trayvon Martin situation that would make people think, ‘Wow. wrongful death, even though it’s a legal gun owner. How do we move forward from this situation?’ But so much of this issue, I think comes down to, ‘Let’s make sure law abiding white people have access to guns and make sure that black criminals are not,'” Touré said on “The Cycle.” 

“And we don’t even want to talk about that sort of racial, black are at the bottom of it all, but that’s definitely part of it,” he added.

In a spectacular turn of irony, Touré inadvertently argues that all criminals are black (which is of course not true) while ignoring the attempts by the progressive wing to prevent law-abiding black Americans from their Second Amendment rights. 

I don’t recall Toure lending his support to Otis McDonald when the progressive bastion tried to prevent McDonald from carrying a handgun for his own protection. Despite the ruling in Castle Rock v. Gonzales which established that law enforcement doesn’t have an obligation to protect your life, Illinois wanted to bar McDonald from his right to protect his own. 

I also don’t recall Touré voicing concern when his network edited out the race of a black tea partier who exercised his Second Amendment right and openly carried at a rally so as to portray the tea party as racist gun-toters.

The stigma of “scary black man with a gun” is pervasive on the left. Instead of race-baiting on the backs of the Aurora victims, perhaps Touré could examine this on NBC.