CBS News' Nancy Cordes Shills For Obama On-Air and On Twitter

CBS News' Nancy Cordes Shills For Obama On-Air and On Twitter

What do you call a reporter who spends her Twitter time regurgitating Obama talking points?  Most people would call her a biased hack. CBS News calls her Nancy Cordes, guest-host for “Face the Nation.”

Earlier today, Breitbart News pointed out that Cordes was the first reporter to interview Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter since she was caught in a blatant and outrageous lie to the American people.  Most reporters would relish the chance to hold a political spokesperson’s feet to the fire and force them to explain their mendacity.  Not Cordes.  She went beyond ignoring the issue; she actually made excuses and equivocations on behalf of the Obama campaign.  

It made us wonder: Who is Nancy Cordes?  What kind of reporter is she, that she would win the coveted “Sunday Show Anchor” slot and then fail at a simple and obvious task such as this.  One look at her activity on Twitter tells us everything we need to know…

Here she is live tweeting the Paul Ryan announcement:

Here she is live tweeting President Obama’s “Scare Woman Voters” speech this week”:

Here she is live tweeting a White House press briefing:  

Here is her reaction upon the announcement that Sandra Fluke would stump with President Obama:

Here is, well, here’s how she spent a day last week:  

Her Twitter activity is actually not all that different than Obama staffer Stephanie Cutter’s. The difference is, Cutter is paid to shill for Obama. We didn’t think Cordes was.  


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