Pew: 71% of Romney Coverage on Network News Is Negative

Pew: 71% of Romney Coverage on Network News Is Negative

Pew Research conducted an exhaustive survey monitoring how favorably or unfavorably President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were being portrayed in all media outlets. Pew discovered that during morning and evening network news, Obama was portrayed much more favorably than Romney, even in the midst of a slumping economy. 

Pew found that “42% of the character narrative” about Obama was positive on mainstream media networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) while 58%  was negative.

For Romney, only 29% of the narrative was positive compared to 71% that was negative. 

The mainstream media’s bias against Republicans is obvious, and that is why they focused on issues that have nothing to do with the economy to protect Obama.

Pew’s findings are significant even if they are obvious to conservatives. This data will force the mainstream media to see evidence of their biases, documented by an organization the mainstream media reveres and holds in high esteem. 


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