Media Ignores Ryan Crowds For Few Pro-Obama Protesters

Media Ignores Ryan Crowds For Few Pro-Obama Protesters

Breitbart News’s Joel Pollak reports from a Paul Ryan event in North Carolina that media is virtually ignoring the thousands attending the event in favor of a few pro-Obama protesters:

Thousands of Ryan fans… but MSM cameras/journalists focus on SEVEN Obamabots demonstrating!

The line wraps around the building. 

Only one camera is positioned in front of the crowds while the rest cover the eight or so protesters:

Pollak notes that while the local News 12 has a lone camera trained at the crowds (and apparently one at the door) their reporter on the scene is “very encouraging” in interviews with the pro-Obama protesters. 

“He responds ‘very nice,’ after certain answers,” Pollak states. 

Protesters’ signs ranged from demanding that small businesses subsidize interest rates on their student loans (“don’t double our rates”) to LBGT issues, and slogans related to the “war on women.” No signs about the unequal pay in the White House or that more than one in two college students may be unable to find work if the businesses expected to hire them also are expected to foot their tuition bill. 

There’s certainly no harm in covering both sides of the event, but the media’s picture-proven preference for the few protesters over the thousands waiting in line (and thousands more turned away from lack of accommodation, Pollak remarks) is biased. The suggestion that the presence of a few protesters is equal to that of the thousands there to see Ryan is misleading. That’s not an accurate representation of both sides and only solidifies the bias which defines American media. 


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