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Proof: CNN Intends To Destroy Paul Ryan, Protect Joe Biden

Proof: CNN Intends To Destroy Paul Ryan, Protect Joe Biden

Guess what got the corrupt CNN all worked up yesterday and gave them yet another excuse to repeat the Obama campaign’s narrative that Paul Ryan is a liar:

Ryan muddles origin of Reagan’s ‘are you better off’ line — CNN Political Producer Shawna Shepherd

I remember a convention speech – I was a pretty young guy at the time but I remember a convention speech,” Ryan said Tuesday in the make-or-break state of Ohio. “Remember Ronald Reagan talking about Jimmy Carter, are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

Like a lot of people that line is seared in Ryan’s memory but not everyone remembers when and where Reagan said it.

Reagan didn’t use the line until just before the election during his only presidential debate with Carter. The rhetorical question in his closing remarks would come to define the 1980 election.

Ryan must have ad-libbed because that line was not in his prepared remarks, according to a campaign spokesperson.

“I think we can forgive a 10-year-old for mistaking a convention speech and a debate speech and vice versa,” said Ryan spokesman Michael Steel.

This is the second unforced error for Ryan in two days and it comes as the candidate continues to face questions about his own convention speech and whether he accurately linked Obama to the closed GM plant in his hometown of Janesville.

So Ryan makes the very human and honest mistake of mis-remembering where he heard Reagan make his famous statement thirty years and the increasingly corrupt CNN not only fact-checks a throwaway line and publishes a big gotcha over it, but they also use it to blow the whole thing into the ongoing, media-fabricated narrative currently waging a  war on Ryan’s credibility.

Meanwhile, Ryan’s Democrat counterpart, Slow Joe Biden, a notorious fibber, never has his comprehensive list of lies every brought into today’s media conversation.

In 1987, The New York Times caught Biden lying about receiving a full academic scholarship to law school, lying about the number of degrees he received, and lying about graduating in the top half of his class.

Biden is also a notorious plagiarizer and throughout his life has been caught stealing others’ speeches as his own — during his 1988 presidential campaign and back in law school.

The media adamantly refuses to talk about Biden’s very troubling past of willful lies and always downplays his unceasing litany of embarrassing gaffes by chuckling them off as you would a senile old uncle in order to not hurt his feelings.

But as we’re seeing here, just as the media attempted to do to Sarah Palin in 2008, they are now giving Slow Joe a pass on everything as they beat away at his Republican counterpart over every single real or perceived mistake.

What CNN is guilty of here is an attempted political assassination by way of character assassination – nothing more, nothing less.

The media is terrified of Paul Ryan because Team Obama is terrified of Paul Ryan and the media feels the way the Obama campaign tells them to feel.

Michelle Obama can spin a provably false fairy tale last night and all the sycophant media can do in response is lay down and die of a Delight Overdose. But Paul Ryan had better not mis-remember where someone said something over thirty years ago… no sir.


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