NBC's Chuck Todd Shills for Obama by Reading Romney's Mind

NBC's Chuck Todd Shills for Obama by Reading Romney's Mind

NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd, the race-baiter who walked around the GOP convention and accused Republicans of tokenizing non-white delegates for the camera, is now condemning Romney for condemning a Cairo Embassy apology that the President himself would later disavow.

So, according to Todd, Romney condemning the apology is wrong, but Obama disavowing it isn’t anything close to the same thing. And yet, this morning on MSNBC…. 

Todd read Mitt Romney’s mind to concern troll him and protect Obama from having to deal with his own Embassy apologizing for free speech and then after the attacks — doubling down on that apology.

I want to go back to this Romney– Lawrence [O’Donnell] is right. In moments like this, if you’re careful or say nothing, it gets ignored. The only way to get attention is to say something a little outrageous. And I have to say that I am stunned that they put out this release when they did before we knew all the facts — before daybreak. Before we know for sure whether there will be protests that spread around the world. It seemed to be an irresponsible thing to do and I’m fascinated to see that the Romney campaign, no mention [of this] — suddenly they put out a debt statement. i have a feeling they wish they had that moment back, they wish they had that statement back. they are — I understand where they feel like they are, they’re chasing news cycles and they feel as if they have to be involved in every news cycle and every event in order to look on equal footing. But that was a bad mistake they made last night.

Chuck Todd is not just a reporter — Chuck Todd is NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent and here he is — through the magic of beltway pixie dust(?) — reading Romney’s mind, live on television!

Through this magic pixie dust, Todd not only knows that Romney was motivated to release his statement because of desperation, Todd also knows that Romney regrets making the statement.

Is Chuck Todd amazing, or what?

No so-called reporter has embarrassed himself more than Chuck Todd this year — and when you look at what’s going on in the media right now, that is no small achievement.

UPDATE: Romney just released a statement standing by his criticism last night. Methinks Todd needs to get himself some new pixie dust.


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