Insta-Fact Check: Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

Insta-Fact Check: Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

Because the corrupt media is so breathtakingly corrupt in its push to reelect a failed president, Big Journalism needs a running live blog. Please help us in our quest to capture the breadth and scope of this corruption by forwarding your tips to or Twitter me @NolteNC.

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Politico’s Dylan Byers Reads Romney’s Mind To Protect His Awful Colleagues

Byers keeps repeating the same thing to justify the media’s reprehensible behavior this week

….the fact that Romney called the press conference in order to double-down on his political attack.

Even if this is true and it partly is, how does this justify the entire media complex ignoring Obama’s foreign policy blunders in order to continue to obsess over something Romney said days ago?

In his statement before the press conference that morning, Romney did repeat his criticism of the Cairo Embassy’s apology, but does Byers seriously think Romney took eight questions in the hopes he would be given the opportunity to repeat himself eight times? 

Of course not.

Obviously (and naively), Romney was hoping his traveling press corps would do its job and ask him about his ideas and positions on the unfolding events beyond, “What about your gaaaaffes?”

But because Byers and the Obama-shills at that presser are determined NOT to allow Romney out of the “What about your gaaaaffes?” box, the questions and Byers and Politico’s front page (even as the world burns) remain fixated.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Byers isn’t a pathetic flak for his pathetic colleagues and after reading Romney’s mind knows for certain that Romney called the presser, not to be given an opportunity to expand on his criticism and talk about the bigger issues, but to double down, you know, eight freakin’ times.


Video: Jake Tapper Grills Carney On Embassy Warning, Rest of Media Show No Interest

This is a pretty remarkable piece of video, as is this, but the transcript provided at Tapper’s Political Punch fills in the blanks.

Two points: The first is how careful Carney’s language is when discussing the news that the White House might have been warned about the embassy attacks in advance. Notice how Carney keeps his answer in the realm of “actionable intelligence” and intelligence that could “prevent” the attacks. He doesn’t say there was “no” warning or “no” intelligence. And as we already know, there were threats from al-Qaeda against Americans in Libya just a day or two before we lost four Americans.

You have to watch the videos linked above again, especially the second, to understand my second point. Tapper did his best to grill Carney and pin him down, but he was on his own. Look at the other White House correspondents in that room. Not a single one has any energy and certainly no desire to get to the bottom of the only question that should matter today: Were the murders of these four Americans preventable? 

Other than Tapper, no one wants the answer and they’re not even willing to make news in pushing for an answer.

Might hurt Obama.


Stories Media Will Ignore: US Credit Rating Downgraded … Again

Gas prices double, middle class incomes drop, the workforce shrinks to 1980 levels, middle class incomes plummet to 1995 levels, and now America’s credit ha been downgraded again.

Media response: “Mitt Romney, what about your gaaaaffes!”


Mark Halperin Excited Over What a Badass Liar Obama Is

If you want to know why the corrupt media won’t make Obama or his campaign team pay a price for its lies, it’s because shills like “Time’s” Mark Halperin want Obama to win and therefore see his lying as the kind of tough tactic worthy of admiration, you know, because it works.

Case in point:

We will see this pattern again, partly a product of Chicago’s 3-year-plus head start over Boston on research and video planning.

Romney plays the China card in a new TV commercial (which the Obama campaign has long expected) and the re-elect hits back with this spot. …

Tough, aggressive, and no truth-squadding will force it off the air.

The Obama ad repeats all of those outsourcing lies against Romney; proven lies even the media has acknowledged are lies.

But as you can see from the attitude Halperin conveys here, he doesn’t care because in his mind the ad is just so damned effective. Which means…

Neither Halperin, nor his “Morning Joe” pals, nor the corrupt media at large have any intention of calling Obama out for lying. They’re just going to sit back and admire what a bad ass he is as they keep talking about how bad Romney’s campaign is going.

The same Halperin who was outraged that Romney would stand up for the First Amendment after the embassy attacks can’t summon even a hint of outrage over a sitting president lying.

Remember, in order for Obama to win, over the next 53 days the media will ensure he does no wrong and Romney does nothing right. That’s how Halperin and his corrupt media pals intend to disqualify Romney and reelect a failure.


Stories Media Will Never Report: ‘State Department acknowledged [in] February it lacked funding for some security improvements’

Disturbing facts from The Washington Guardian:

One of the biggest concerns raised in recent years has been the quality and capabilities of private security contractors hired to protect embassy staffs.

The congressionally chartered Commission on Wartime Contracting issued a strong warning in 2009, saying the State Department’s reliance on lowest-priced contractors was jeopardizing security.

“Lowest-priced security not good enough for war-zone embassies,” the commission wrote in a stinging report that urged other factors such as capability be considered in awarding security contracts.

“What about your gaaaaffes!”

Sure, these stories will get dutifully reported but if you think they will be talked about — not gonna happen.


Stories Media Will Never Report: President’s Tweet as Four Caskets Removed From Planes 


Afternoon Edition: Polls ObamaMedia Will Never Hype

Florida: Tied at 42.

Colorado: Obama 47 – Romney 46

Neither poll fits the narrative Chuck Todd’s corrupt goatee was so eager to set with his NBC polls yesterday and today. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine to report on the NBC polls, but those are the only ones hyped — because those set the narrative that Romney’s losing and therefore incompetent and therefore not fit to be president.

See how this works? 


Priorities: Middle East Burns, Bomb Threats Pepper America; BuzzFeed Reports “Bears For Romney”

The chaos in the Middle East and the threats that have evacuated three universities and a nuke facility today can’t phase our troll-tastic BenSmithers at BuzzFeed Politics.

As you can see, Ben Smith and his Merry Band of childish BenSmithers have been focusing on important issues like Two Bears Who Support Mitt Romney and What Does Mitt Romney Wear To Bed?

But of course these professional trolls did find time to cover Jay Carney’s very carefully worded denial that there was intelligence prior to the embassy attacks.

The proud author of “Bears for Romney,” Andrew Kaczynski, is so proud of the piece he’s tweeted it out at least twice.

Good dog.


Remarkable: University Bomb Threats, Evacuation of Nuke Reactor Ignored By CNN, MSNBC

Drudge is cataloging the nightmare across America as what looks like a coordinated effort to create chaos unfurls. Three universities have received threats or direct bomb threats by what reports say are ‘al Qaeda groups,’ and a nuke reactor in Texas was just evacuated.

I’ve been monitoring CNN and MSNBC since 6am and neither has reported any of this.

We are hearing a lot, though, about Romney’s “gaffe” from Tuesday and those NBC polls showing him losing in three crucial swing states.

As you can see, The Narrative trumps all — even a litany of threats directed at kids and nuke facilities.


Ace: Los Angeles Times “tells jihadists exactly where the filmmaker lives, so they can kill him.”

Ace of Spades is exactly right about this. And no, he’s not joking about the LA Times giving up the film-maker’s location.

What we’re seeing is George Zimmerman on steroids; a media/government witch hunt for a straw man to aid and abet Obama’s reelection.

Zimmerman ginned up Obama’s base with race-baiting (remember, white-Hispanic?) in the crucial swing state of Florida. And now the pursuit of this filmmaker is all about creating a bogeyman who is Christian and who has nothing to do with Obama’s failures in the Middle East.

Bit if we’re distracted with blaming the filmmaker, we won’t blame Obama.

See how this works?

At all costs, the media narrative over the next 53 will remain: Romney does absolutely nothing right. Obama does absolutely nothing wrong.


Media Ignores Its Own Reporting As White House Lies About No Advance Warnings Of Attacks

Today White House Spokesman Jay Carney repeated the like Politico’s unnamed sources told last night — that “there was no advance warnings on attacks.”

To protect Obama, the media is not only entering day four of beating Romney up over his statement Tuesday night, the media is letting Obama get away with that lie. The reasons are obvious: Should it ever become a narrative that the brutal rape and murder of our Libyan Ambassador could’ve been prevented, Obama might have a bad news cycle or two. At least until it’s discovered Mitt Romney has a bike helmet OF GOLD.

But in order to allow the White House to perpetuate this lie, the media must not only ignore what is commonly known to everyone paying attention — that an al-Qaeda chief directly threatened Americans in Libya hours before the attacks —  but their own reporting.

9/12/2012 — CNN: Ayman Al-Zawahri Also Called For Revenge For The Death Of A Senior Libyan Member Of The Terror Group Abu Yahya Al-Libi

9/12/2012 — USA Today: A Protest Outside The U.S. Embassy In Cairo Was Announced On August 30, 2012 To Protest The Imprisonment Of Their Spiritual Leader, Who Is Jailed For The 1993 World Trade Center Bombings.

Repeat after me: No Marines at the consulate, no Marines at the consulate, no Marines at the consulate….


NBC’s Chuck Todd Assumes Obama Palace Guard Role Over White House Attack On Free Speech

Okay, well, let me clarify. This is a distinction without a difference.  

As Jonah Goldberg points out here, NBC News is one of the prime movers behind this un-American attack against the rights of this filmmaker to make an anti-Muslim film. The idea here is to create a bogeyman — a Christian bogeyman — to blame for these murders as opposed to, you know, the actual murderers.

Bill Maher made the anti-Christian film “Religulous” and no one tried to stop him. Not even us Christians. Moreover, Obama will benefit from the cool million dollars Maher donated to a super PAC.

Most reprehensible is that you have the U.S. Government pursuing this filmmaker as though he were a criminal and muscling him and his distributor (YouTube) to restrict his speech. That’s blatant censorship.

But rather than protect the First Amendment from our over-reaching government, Todd toadies and parses to make excuses.

No one has sold more of his reputation in 2012 than Chuck Todd. Even if His One wins reelection, Todd has forever relegated himself to Olbermann-Ville. No one will ever trust him again — nor should they. 


Headline You Won’t Read Today: As Middle East Burns, Obama Hangs With Olympians

The four year-old refrain: If it was Bush

President Obama today spent an hour greeting America’s Olympians, a questionable use of precious presidential time coming just days after the White House said scheduling problems would prevent Obama from meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu later this month.

The same day our Libyan ambassador was tortured, raped, and murdered — the same day this crisis exploded — Obama went to Vegas to fundraise.

Sing it with me…

If it was Bush…

Oh, if it was Bush…


Politico’s Dylan Byers Thinks ‘Media-Coordination Video’ Complimentary

This is Politico’s idea of watch-dogging the media:

I do however appreciate how much credit they gave the press corps. Reporters are a pretty rag-tag bunch, relying on their wits and their instincts to ask the right questions and stay on top of a story. Fiercely independent, we’re not usually credited with coordination skills, nor the ability to map out a coherent strategy for a story, let alone a line of questioning. So… thanks for that.

As Byers shills for the media pals he pretends to cover, what he does here is cover up the fact that this coordination wasn’t about the questions, it was about The Narrative. Byers also doesn’t report that in order to keep Romney in the box manufactured of this narrative, seven of the eight questions asked at that news conference were all the same — about process, about the timing of Romney’s criticism.

Bottom line: The same media complaining that Romney won’t expound on his critique of Obama’s Middle East policy is the same media that coordinated to intentionally make sure he wouldn’t be allowed to at this news conference.  

The Washington Examiner’s Phillip Klein is asking Byers all the right questions:

These are questions Byers can’t answer because he thinks asking the same question seven times and not using the opportunity of a press conference to learn more about a candidate’s positions is journalism at its finest.

But Byers wants Obama to win — so in his mind that travesty went down perfectly.


Hugh Hewitt Finds (Rare) Example Of Serious Middle East Journalism

Three Days Late Better Than Never: ABC News Questions Obama ‘Arab Spring’ Policy

Well, well, well… actual reporting:

His critics say President Obama has been too passive, too willing to see the moderates who drove the Arab Spring – from Egypt, to Libya and certainly in Syria, where an estimated 30,000 have died in a de facto civil war – die for their cause or else be subsumed by Islamist groups who’ve stepped into the post-revolutionary breach.

In the place of a cohesive strategy or “doctrine” to guide his response, they say, the president has created a vacuum that pulls in the region’s most destructive forces.

Obama opened his foreign policy as president by apologizing to Islamists in Cairo; he also invited the Muslim Brotherhood to that speech.

Then we lost our most crucial ally, Egypt’s Hosnai Mubarak, in Cairo protests that unlike those in Iran (you know, the ones Obama ignored), had no women protesters. Hmmm?

Then, and most unforgivably, Obama demanded Democratic elections in Egypt when the only organized force in that country was the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now we have a mess on our hands throughout the Middle East all because Obama is such a strong believer in his rhetoric that he thought these Islamists were driven by something other than the kind of hatred you have to fight, not appease.


Reuters Live-Blogs Middle East Chaos – U.S. Embassy In Tunis Breached


The Obama Doctrine in action as the media on television and online celebrate obsess over those NBC polls showing the race is over.


Today’s Polls the ObamaMedia Will Ignore

National: Romney 48/Obama 45 — That from the most reliable pollster of 2008.

NC: Romney 51/Obama 45


Mike Allen’s Playbook Makes No Mention Of Report About 48 Hour Notice Before Embassy Attack

Mike Allen’s Playbook likes to set the day’s narrative and while he gives us a laundry list of Republicans openly criticizing Romney for daring  to criticize The One, not a word, sound or peep about reports of documented threats prior to the attack on our consulate in Libya that resulted in four American deaths.

Yes, we’re into day three of a media more outraged over Romney’s statement than Americans under threat in Libya and left unprotected.

We are, however, treated to a list of beltway birthdays and not too close to the bottom some news about our faltering economy.

One of Politico’s unnamed sources told me that when Obama pets Mike Allen, he closes his eyes and actually purrs.


Stephanie – Romney’s a FELON! – Cutter Cites Commie Propaganda To Hit Romney

Always good to know what Obama’s top people are reading — though not at all surprising.

The only difference between citing a commie rag and a Nazi rag is that our media approves of commie rags — so there will be no fallout here.


Media More Outraged By Anti-Muslim Film Than Terrorists Who Murdered Americans

Just something I’ve noticed over the past few days.

The media will say that’s not the case, but all we have to judge these media cretins by is what we see — and there’s no question that when it comes to expressing public outrage, the anti-Islamic filmmaker has been on the receiving end of much more media anger and indignation than the savages who raped and murdered an American ambassador and our Navy SEALs.


CNN’s Carol Costello Outs Name of Anti-Islam Filmmaker

Yesterday, my colleague Ezra Dulis brought the hammer of justice down  on the media for its breathless pursuit of the filmmaker behind the video Islamists are using as an excuse to murder and rape Americans.

This morning, Carol Costello broadcast his name across the world as though she’s blissfully unaware that his life’s in danger.


Drudge’s Explanation For Why the Media Is Beclowning Itself

VIDEO: Romney Supporter Eviscerates Corrupt Media

Must watch from our friends at The Right Scoop.

We just have to hope that We The People can see through what’s happening and that this justifiable rage at our corrupt media is part of what drives turn out on election day.

Much of this is on Romney. He has to find a way to break through the media-push to disqualify him by making him look incompetent. Reagan was able to do this. In 1980, the media tried to make Reagan look like a madman; they ran the Goldwater playbook on him. It didn’t work.


Media Loves Media Polls Because Media Polls Always Show Obama Further Ahead

Whether it’s CNN’s latest flawed national poll or the polls NBC News released last night, media polls almost always seem to show Obama with a wider lead than other polls. This is why the media loves media polls. When Rasmussen releases a poll showing Romney tied in Ohio and Virginia, the media hardly covers those polls. But when Chuck Todd’s goatee releases NBC polls showing Romney losing in three crucial swing states by seemingly insurmountable margins, EVERYONE reports on those polls — not just NBC.


Because those polls feed a larger narrative that Romney is losing which in turn feeds THE NARATIVE our media is most desperate to push — that Romney is running an incompetent  campaign, which means he’s not competent enough to replace The One.


CNN’s ‘Starting Point’  Praises Obama For Not Knowing If Egypt Is American Ally

This morning on CNN’s “Starting Point,” Obama’s incredibly revealing admission Wednesday night that he might have lost Egypt as our biggest and most important (besides Israel) ally in the Middle East, was treated as a brilliant tactical move to get the Egyptians in line.

Forget the fact that the next morning the White House was frantically walking back those remarks and forget the fact that it was obvious the State Department was caught completely off guard — nope this was just more of that brilliance Obama exudes we mere mortals just can’t grasp until the media lays it all out for us.

What this really is, of course, is the media determined to hold fast to a Narrative determined to tell us Obama can do nothing wrong and Romney can do nothing right.


Scarborough Blames The Media’s Lack Of Coverage On Obama’s Foreign Policy Errors On… Romney

What’s so appalling about Joe Scarborough is that one day, probably after his old MSNBC primetime show “Scarborough County” flopped, he made a conscious decision to seek fame and money by allowing the media to use him against his own party and country.

Some conservatives are just media dupes. Not Joe Scarborough. His selling out was a business plan.

And today, rather than admonish a media well into day three of using Romney’s criticism of the Cairo Embassy apology as a way to distract from issues such as the lack of Marines protecting our Libyan consulate, Scarborough blamed Romney for this — saying if he hadn’t been so stupid the media would’ve focused on Obama’s blunders.

Scarborough knows this is a lie. He watches the media and is well aware that if the media hadn’t used Romney’s perfectly reasonable criticism as a distraction device, the media would’ve found something else to distract with.

But, you now, Scarborough has a business plan and he’s sticking to it.


Today’s Narrative Battle: Drudge’s Facts vs. Politico’s Obama-Shilling

Last night Drudge threw up one of his rare sirens with a link to “The Independent,” a British newspaper reporting what we already pretty much knew: That the threats against our foreign service personnel in Libya were well-known and that these very same foreign service personnel, including Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens, were left unprotected.

“The Independent” deepens the mystery:

According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and “lockdown”, under which movement is severely restricted.

Mr Stevens had been on a visit to Germany, Austria and Sweden and had just returned to Libya when the Benghazi trip took place with the US embassy’s security staff deciding that the trip could be undertaken safely.

Eight Americans, some from the military, were wounded in the attack which claimed the lives of Mr Stevens, Sean Smith, an information officer, and two US Marines.

What we also know is that al-Queda made direct threats against Americans in Libya just hours before the attacks and that no Marines were stationed outside a consulate that doesn’t even have bullet-proof windows.

Last night, I watched the mainstream media on Twitter as Drudge released this information which means I watched as the mainstream media ignored it entirely as they continued to play with their new toy from NBC News — polls that show Romney losing badly in three crucial swing states.

What the media was all waiting for came within hours from the Obama campaign’s unquestioning talking points distributor — Politico:

The Obama administration is flatly denying a blaring British newspaper report that the U.S. diplomats in Libya were killed as a result of a “continuing security breach,” and that “credible information” about possible attacks had been ignored.

Though all evidence is to the contrary, it doesn’t matter. The Narrative is set: Until the election, Obama cannot be allowed to do anything wrong and Romney cannot be allowed to do anything right.

Politico ran the piece last night, this morning it’s buried on their front page, and the media is back to The Narrative pushing to disqualify Romney by portraying him as incompetent.  


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