Jeffrey Goldberg Undermines Israel on 'Meet the Press'

Jeffrey Goldberg Undermines Israel on 'Meet the Press'

Jeffrey Goldberg, court Jew par excellence, was on Meet the Press Sunday in order to pontificate, Thomas Friedman-style, and bash Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. Goldberg has never made a secret of his undermining of Israel’s security. He even supports J Street, the George Soros and Arab-financed organization, participating in conversations about Israel: “But I believe that J Street should be part of the pro-Israel conversation in America.”

Here he was Sunday:

There’s two issues, one is a legitimate issue, which is this debate over red lines; this is a debate which Obama and Netanyahu should have a discussion in private and that’s legitimate for Netanyahu, to raise what’s illegitimate, and let me put this as bluntly as I can: I’ve been watching the relationship between the US and Israel for twenty years, more than twenty years, very seriously, and I’ve never seen an Israeli prime minister mismanage the relationship with the United States with the Administration the way this Prime Minister has. Obama’s not blameless, the first year the peace process was a disaster, but you know, one person here is the senior partner, one is the junior partner and Netanyahu has turned this into a story about himself and Obama rather than the important thing.

This should come as no surprise; Goldberg has been obsequiously bending over for Barack Obama for some time. Witness this outrageous statement: “As many people understand, he is the most Jewish president we’ve ever had.”

Goldberg has been an outspoken opponent of Jewish settlements in Israel, championing a double standard that favors the Arab cause even when his arguments are shown to be specious. For him to pose as an objective reporter while he worships at the altar of Obama while denying Jews the right to settle in the Jewish homeland is laughable. And for him to imply that the man responsible for the safety of 6 million Jews is primarily concerned about a pissing contest with Obama is downright reprehensible.


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