**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

Because the corrupt media is so breathtakingly corrupt in its push to reelect a failed president, Big Journalism needs a running live blog. Please help us in our quest to capture the breadth and scope of this corruption by forwarding your tips to jnolte@breitbart.com or Twitter me @NolteNC.

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Media Losing Its Impact: Obama’s Handling of Forign Policy Takes Hit In New Poll

Though the media did everything in its power to distract from Obama’s foreign policy meltdown last week, a new poll proves the media’s ability to impact public opinion just isn’t what it used to be.

According to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll taken this week, Obama’s approval rating for his handling of foreign policy fell from 53% to 49%. 

Among Independents, the president might be in real trouble due to a drop of a full 12 points, from 53 to 41%.

In worse news for the president, this poll was taken before the news broke of the three day warning the White House had before the attack on the Libyan consulate that resulted in the deaths of four Americans. Once that news makes its way into the American conversation, these numbers certainly won’t get better.

Video: Watch Romney Use Release of 47% Video To His Advantage

Here’s the full interview of Romney on Neil Cavuto’s show. Romney looks relaxed and energized by this debate. He also refers twice to the “redistribution” video just released by Matt Drudge.

When you consider how freaked the media is and how desperate the Obama campaign behaves, you have to wonder what internal polling is showing.

Anyway, watch the full video. Romney sounds great and is talking about the kinds of things he should be talking and in the way they need to be talked about.

Polling might prove my gut wrong, but since the release of this video I’ve felt all along that if handled correctly, it would be a plus for us and thus far Romney is handling it very well.


TWO-FER: Ann Curry Fired, ‘Today Show’ Still Drops To Second Place

In a business-sense, anything bad that happens to the media is good for America. So here’s something to celebrate:

Less than three months after a tearful Ann Curry bid goodbye to NBC’s “Today” show, it’s the network’s turn to cry.

The once-dominant morning powerhouse is falling even further behind in the ratings race after forcing 15-year veteran Curry aside and replacing her with freshman Savannah Guthrie.

ABC’s ascendant rival “Good Morning America” looks set to win its third consecutive week in a row — not just in total viewers but also among core viewers ages 25 to 54, according to preliminary ratings.

Boo to the hoo.

Ben Smith Ben Smiths Obama’s ‘Redistribution’ Video As Though It Was All A Wacky 90’s Phase

Ben Smith loves to do his BenSmithing in plain site and disguise it as real reporting. But what he’s doing here is making a big –hardy-har– joke about the Obama video unearthed today as though it’s a big fat nothing-to-see-here.

“Hey,” Ben Smith is telling the media, “Let’s not create a narrative out of this; we all knew Barack was a little to the left in the 1990s!”

Spin, baby, spin.  

This is why I call Ben Smith the Lex Luthor of the corrupt media. He’s a genius at this kind of stuff and the corrupt media loves him for it. Now they all see how this latest damning Obama video can be downplayed and wrist-flicked.


CNN Leads With White House Failure to Protect Libya Consulate

You have no idea how much easier it is to watch CNN’s “The Situation Room” without Wolf -The Dem Talking Point Moron- Blitzer hosting.

The guest host — didn’t catch his name — opened the show with “the growing backlash” hitting the Obama White House over security lapses in the face of warnings surrounding the Libyan consulate.

“Did they drop the ball?”

The clips that followed ran through the bullet points, none of them good for the White House spin that’s currently claiming they were not warned in advance and that the attacks were not pre-planned (which is absolutely absurd).

In the White House briefing room, it looks to be Fox News’s Ed Henry and ABC News’s Jake Tapper pressing Jay Carney and revealing a ton of contradictions and double talk that only create more questions.

The segment lasted over ten minutes and was the kind of reporting we’ve been waiting a week for. 


Media and Dems Losing 47% Debate BIGTIME

I’m starting to think David Corn might be a right-wing plant at “Mother Jones,” because judging by how things went today, the media and the Democrats stepped right into our briar patch

The media and Democrats are all whining about how offended the poor little 47% should be over Mitt Romney’s comments. But the mistake they’re making is believing that anyone in the 47% thinks of themselves as part of the 47%. Everyone always thinks the other guy is the deadbeat.

Meanwhile, conservatives — including Romney himself just now on Neil Cavuto’s show — are fighting the debate on grounds where we can win: the difference between producers and parasites and a President Obama who judges compassion by how much he can increase government dependancy and a President Romney who wants to create an econony that decreases government dependancy.

That’s a winning message and thens some and I’m already seeing the media looking as though they wish they hadn’t overplayed it.


GAMECHANGER: Drudge Dredges Up 1998 Obama: ‘I Actually Believe In Redistribution’

Anyone who doesn’t think this is a gamechanger doesn’t’ understand how media works today. The corrupt media has their narrative and those of us in New Media have ours.

Drudge found this (or someone sent it to him) and now it’s what we call the Big Daddy link, front and center.

Breitbart News will blare the president’s appalling remarks out, as will talk radio, conservative blogs and social media.

Thus, a counter-narrative will be created and because most voters agree with Romney and only left-wing crazies agree with Obama, we will win.

Who wants to be there are more videos out there? 

We got 50 days to go — many twists and turns to come.


MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Uses Bill Kristol’s Romney Slam Against Sununu

Again, I just don’t understand the good Bill Kristol thinks he’s doing with his “honesty.” Does Kristol tell fat people they are fat because it’s important to be honest?

Constructive criticism I get. But piling on to criticize something that can’t be taken back serves what purpose? How does fueling a narrative like this help our country or party? It’s not about saying to Romney, “Hey, think about doing this or that better.” It’s just piling on.  

had Kristol taken out an full page anti-Romney ad it would have the exact same impact it’s having now. We know he would never do that, so why is he doing this?

His motives make no sense to me.

Am I missing something?


Afternoon Edition: Stories ObamaMedia Will Ignore — Obama’s Bounce Has Completely Vanished

The narrative is that the race is over and yet during last week’s supposedly fatal week for Mitt Romney, he gained six points on Obama in the Gallup tracking poll, which now has both men essentially tied:Obama 47, Romney 46.

Rasmussen has Romney up two and has had the GOP nominee steadily leading for a few day now.

Again, what we had last week with the Cairo apology and what we have this week with the 47% video isn’t reporting by the media, but rather a media determined to create a reality that will become self-fulfilling.

Keep fighting. We’re winning.


Afternoon Edition: Polls ObamaMedia Will Ignore — Romney Ahead in FL

Romney 48, Obama 47.


Watch NBC’s Chuck Todd Dutifully Report Huge Story He Will Then Ignore

Normally, I don’t concern myself with MSNBC, but Chuck Todd is NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent — so his non-stop shilling for Obama is worthy of note.

Watch this clip. It aired as part of Todd’s “Daily Rundown” this morning. 

What’s obvious is that Todd is only reporting this major story so he can be on the record as reporting it. But after that mention — *poof* it was gone. How do stories get any bigger than evidence of a White House lying about intelligence no one acted upon that might have saved four American lives, including our Libyan ambassador?

They don’t.

But this was it from Todd. The rest of his show was spent obsessing and concern-trolling the Romney 47% video and neither CNN nor MSNBC has gone near that Libya story all day.

To be fair, I can’t monitor CNN and MSNBC constantly. So I might have missed something. But I’m not a casual viewer, either, and if I missed it it’s almost certain a large majority of the viewing audience did, as well.

But there is no question whatsoever that neither Todd nor CNN nor MSNBC is in any way interested in informing their viewers of what should be the only story driving the day.


Morning Edition: Polls ObamaMedia Will Ignore – Romney Ahead in CO

Colorado: Romney 47, Obama 45.

And this after Romney’s supposedly fatal comments last week.


Today’s Anti-Romney Media-Narrative Fueled By Bill Kristol’s ‘Weekly Standard’ Slam

Fifty days from an election, what purpose does Bill Kristol serve with this — other than to ensure this narrative is given another day of life as the media moves on to… “Republicans critics…”:

So Romney seems to have contempt not just for the Democrats who oppose him, but for tens of millions who intend to vote for him.

All during the Clinton years, I watched in awe as one negative narrative after another was turned into a positive because Clinton was able to keep Democrats in line and swarm the airwaves with smart surrogates who knew how to handle every fire that blazed up, big and small.

Where are Romney’s GOP surrogates — especially the ones who told us Romney was the only guy who could beat Obama? And why is Kristol effectively taking out an ad that benefits Obama instead of helping turn this into the win it obviously could and should become?

Last week we saw the same thing — we saw our very own come out and affirm a media fury surrounding Romney’s perfectly reasonable criticism of the Obama Administration apologizing to our Cairo attackers. And what good did this circular firing squad do? What good did it serve?

A truth that doesn’t serve a good shouldn’t be spoken. Bill Kristol fueling today’s anti-Romney media narrative when he could just stay silent (no one’s asking anyone to lie) is no different than me telling my neighbor she’s fat.

Why would I do that?

Because it’s true!

Is that a good enough reason?

Of course not. Nor is that a good enough reason for Bill Kristol to “tell the truth.”

There’s a bigger moral world than your selfish desire to be seen as “intellectually honest.”


Don’t enable the media’s Big Lie that Romney’s a buffoon not ready to be president.



Today’s List of Important Stories the Media Covers Up To Protect Obama

Of course, everything on this list is dutifully reported. The media dutifully reports almost everything. But if the media isn’t talking about, it’s not really being reported, is it?

US Had Three Day Warning of Libya Attack

Obama White House Blames Movie for Suspension of Joint Operations with Afghans.

Suspension of Afghan Join Operations Could Affect Withdrawal Timetable

Obama Administration Caught Lying About Security at Libyan Consulate

Number of Americans Collecting Disability Hits Another Record


Erickson Gets It, Let’s Hope It Spreads: ‘Treat the Press as Enemy Collaborators’

This, I think, is the real importance and consequence of the media’s behavior over the course of this campaign and especially the last couple of weeks:

The Romney campaign cannot work with the press. They must work around the press. They must be more John Sununu vs. name your interviewer of choice and less anything else. Bluntly, the general rule for Team Romney should be to treat the press as an enemy collaborator with Barack Obama with exceptions only as appropriate.

That leads me to the latest enemy collaboration. The left wing magazine Mother Jones has undercover video of Mitt Romney talking to donors.

We’re seeing a sea-change in conservative attitudes towards the media, that will hopefully last beyond this latest outrage.

The more people on our side who get past the idea that the media is simply biased or bubbled or out-of-touch or driven by a pack mentality — the better.

The media is at war with conservatives and will do anything to claim victory, and as long as we treat them as misguided instead of our political enemies, they win.

The GOP needs to treat the media like it would the DNC, the Obama campaign, or any Democratic operative — because that’s what the media is.

No one wins collaborating with or failing to understand what they’re up against.

Voters also want to see fight; voters want to see competence. Caving to the media and constantly jumping into their traps only makes us look foolish and not ready to lead.

No one trusts a dupe and when it comes to the media, too many cons are dupes.


New Media’s Counter-Narrative Offense Keeps Romney Viable

In a standalone piece about the glorious news that newspaper revenues have collapsed to 60-year lows, I make this point:

You see, there are two narratives now. The corrupt media has their narrative and New Media has its own narrative.

Sure, we fight the media on defense — mostly because it’s fun. But the real impact New Media has is not in fighting the media but in creating our own counter-narrative that pushes stories out there the corrupt media won’t tell. I’m talking about talk radio, blogs, Drudge, Fox News… And people are paying attention.

Over the past four years, New Media has effectively moved from being a corrupt media watchdog (mostly on defense), to creating our own counter-narratives that push the stories and narratives out there the corrupt media ignore and cover up.

Romney isn’t still in a position to win this election because New Media is fighting the media. Romney can still win because New Media is pushing truths about the economy, Libya, and DOJ scandals the corrupt media refuse to discuss.

Tens of millions of people are reading us, watching Fox News, listening to talk radio, and most certainly refreshing Drudge. This means that tens of millions of people are aware of Obama’s failed policies.

It’s vital that New Media doesn’t allow the corrupt media to pull them into stupid battles. That might sound strange coming from the Breitbart guy who obsesses over media corruption, but that’s my job — my role — and there’s a place for that. But it’s not the most important mission of the site.

The best way to fight the corrupt media is not to get in the ring with them, but to ignore them and go about the business of telling the truth about Barack Obama and to tell the stories the corrupt media won’t.

Offense. Always offense.


A Frustrated Carol Costello Goes in For Kill Over 47% Video, Fails

CNN’s insufferably smug Carol Costello is hoping to turn Romney’s 47% video into the silver bullet that saves her Precious One. But what she and the rest of the corrupt media don’t understand is that they are FINALLY reporting the appalling fact that 47% of tax-filers in this country pay no federal income taxes. The timing of this news is perfect — if Romney takes advantage of it.

The bubbled media also doesn’t understand that no one considers themselves part of the 47%. No one is sitting at home offended because everyone considers everyone else a deadbeat.

This is a good conversation and debate for America to have. Let’s just hope Team Romney is able to capitalize on it.  


Timing of Yesterday’s Release of 47% Video Was Panic Move By Team Obama

After chumming the waters had finally paid off yesterday and Obama’s lapdog media was in a full frenzy of phony outrage and concern-trolling over hidden video of Romney speaking the truth about America’s deadbeats, I noticed a chyron make its way below Anderson Cooper that said something like:

BREAKING: U.S. Warned Three Days Prior to Attack On Libyan Embassy

This is why the video was released when it was.

The media and the Obama Administration need to run out the clock. With just 50 days to go and the race stubbornly close (Romney has actually gained ground since being hit with last week’s “silver bullet” over the Cairo apology), the media and the Obama campaign know that even one bad news-cycle could tip the election out of reach. Obviously, a day-log narrative about the White House and State Department not heeding this warning would be brutal, maybe even fatal.

So this hidden camera video footage is released and a media that was terrified it might have to actually discuss the real news surrounding the death of our Libyan Ambassador got exactly what they desired: An excuse not to cover bad news for Obama and to once again go back to talking about what an evil, incompetent, rich jerk Mitt Romney is.

Let’s just hope this was Team Obama’s October Surprise launched early. My guess is that the Obama campaign and the media were both hoping to launch this video much closer to the election but events forced their hand yesterday. 






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