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New York Times: Say, Who Is This Brian Terry Fellow?

New York Times: Say, Who Is This Brian Terry Fellow?

Since last October, I’ve been calling out The New York Times for their dreadful coverage of Operation Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious was the government gun walking scheme that lead to the deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and over 300 Mexicans. I compared their coverage of President Bush’s Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to Attorney General Eric Holder. People were fired under Mr. Gonzales while people died under Mr. Holder.

Last December in a Sunday edition, Charlie Savage wrote a sympathetic article on Mr. Holder. The article appeared on the front page. It barely mentioned Fast & Furious, but it did mention Mr. Holder’s bizarre persecution complex. In Mr. Holder’s mind,  he is persecuted because of his skin color. He thinks Matthew Boyle at The Daily Caller, Katie Pavlich at Townhall, Sharyl Attkisson at CBS News, Cam Edwards at NRA News, and myself go after him because he’s black.

Normally, Fast & Furious articles appeared on A17 or A21, and paper would just reprint an AP wire. But the NYT’s attitude completely changed with the release of the inspector general’s report. They were one of the outlets that jumped the gun about Mr. Holder, claiming the report exonerated the attorney general . This article by Charlie Savage appeared on the FRONT PAGE! He should not have jumped the gun (no pun intended) because IG Michael Horowitz claimed repeatedly in his testimony his report does not vindicate Mr. Holder or anyone.

Consider the treatment of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Drug cartel members using guns from Fast & Furious shot him but in their few articles the Times would just simply refer to him as a border patrol agent. It wasn’t until I started pressuring them last October did they start to use his actual name.

Now that Mr. Holder is “exonerated” Fast and Furious is now getting visible coverage. Yesterday they ran an article on Agent Terry and his family. On Tuesday, a brand new border patrol station in Naco, Arizona was named after Brian and the Times covered it. They wrote about Josephine Terry’s feelings about Fast & Furious. It told all about Brian, how he loved his job and family. He put everyone’s needs and want above him. He was incredibly selfless. America lost one of her very best when he died. 

It would be a heart warming article if we didn’t already know their motives with this newly found interest in Fast and Furious. If they actually cared about Brian or his family, especially his mother Josephine, they would have had articles like this for the past 2 years. They would have been in touch with the family asking for quotes or reactions to the developments in Fast and Furious. Brian’s parents would have been all over the Times. 

It wasn’t until Mr. Holder and his cronies were “exonerated” from this deadly operation did they decide to actually care or reach out to the Terry family.

I sent an email to my old friends at the Times and I eagerly await their response as to why they have given this subject the proper attention now. We already know the answers, but I want to hear their excuses.

I’m not holding my breath.


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