CNN's Soledad O'Brien Believes Obama's Up 15 In Virginia

CNN's Soledad O'Brien Believes Obama's Up 15 In Virginia

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien made a fool of herself today.

In other news, water’s wet and cows go “moo.”

Listen, I get why Soledad O’Brien might believe Obama’s up 15 points in Virginia when the truth is that the president’s campaign might be contemplating giving up completely on the state. After all, Ms. O’Brien probably isn’t informed of such things. If I didn’t have to, I wouldn’t watch CNN either.

Anyway, here’s one of the worst cable network anchors in the history of cable network anchoring anchoring her network this morning while interviewing Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell:

O’BRIEN: So, pre-debate polling shows that the president was up 15 points in the state of Virginia. We don’t really have good post-debate polling yet. We’re hoping to get that soon. How worried are you that your state is going to go for President Obama when the polls show a significant lead pre-debate after the first pretty awful debate?

MCDONNELL: I’m not sure what you’re looking at there, Soledad. I can only tell you that five months ago, Mitt Romney was down eight points in Virginia. Today, almost all the polls have him up one, two or more points.

It was only later after the Internet started laughing out loud at her that O’Brien corrected herself in a statement to the corrupt Politico:

In my interview with Governor Bob McDonnell this morning, I was citing the pre-debate Quinnipiac poll on women voters (October 4-9, 2012 — 56 for President Obama, 40 for Romney), and while the information on the screen said ‘women,’ I didn’t say the word. I was in error to not say the word ‘women,’ while it appeared on the screen.

That’s her excuse — that she meant to say “women”?

Look again at O’Brien’s full statement-slash-question to McDonnell. That’s not a question with the word “women” missing. That’s a question premised on the belief that Romney’s getting shellacked in Virginia by Soledad’s oh-so Precious One.

Blinded by bias.

But please don’t ever stop, Soledad. Just keep being your insufferably smug and corrupted self. Between hiring Van Jones — and Jones calling Romney a “douche” on the air — and Candy Crowley’s naked attempt to shamelessly win the second presidential debate for Obama (while making an infamous fool of herself after getting The Facts wrong) , it’s just a matter of time before I find myself moving from Newsweek to dance on CNN’s grave.

The CNN brand is already in the toilet. We’re just waiting for the sweet sound of a flush.

P.S. It’s also worth mentioning that this morning Ms. O’Brien used that old 2008 trick of airing Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert clips to take a whack at our side. It’s all disguised as a “light moment” but CNN knows exactly what it’s doing when deploying this tactic. 


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