St. Valentine's Day Layoff Massacre Hits WaPo

St. Valentine's Day Layoff Massacre Hits WaPo

Though she’s not getting much credit for it, it’s just a fact that most of the important media scoops of late have been coming from Betsy Rothstein at FishbowlDC. Today marks another scoop and, better still, another moment to savor in the slow-motion collapse of the mainstream media. According to Rothstein’s reporting, a round of 54 layoffs are planned at the once-legendary Washington Post.

It’s amazing how quickly a left-wing newspaper will turn into the stereotypically evil corporate maven. The Post is not only trying to hush-hush the layoffs, but also using cold, calculated words like “inefficiencies” to describe the pulling of a rug out from under a human being’s life:   

Every department facing cuts was asked to keep the news to their department only, as to not make it look like a mass layoff. We’re told those given pink slips include Beth Jacobs, General Manager of Mobile, and Ken Dodelin, Director of Mobile Products. Sources say the entire Mobile Product Management and IT Project Management staffs have been eliminated.

“[CIO and VP Shaliesh] Prakash thinks these are ‘inefficiencies’ –  that is the exact word he uses for human beings who are not useful according to him,” said a source who spoke only on condition of anonymity. “Get rid of experienced people to save money, under the garb of streamlining is the new trend inside the Post.”

Other than child molesters and terrorists, I don’t hate anyone — not even members of the corrupt media. And I’m sincerely relieved that those losing their gigs at the Post  live in the United States of America where they have access to food stamps and rent assistance. But the fact that the Washington Post has been a major player in manufacturing The Big Lie about Obama’s failed economy is not lost on me.

Like the rest of the media, the Post sold its soul to get Obama elected and then sold whatever was left to win his re-election. In order to do that, the Post lied about and/or ignored the failed ideas of the Left and the state of the American economy after four years of Obamanomics.  

That Post employees should now have to face the very real consequences of their propaganda is nothing more than justice.


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