Pat Caddell Takes Gabriel Sherman Back to the Woodshed

Pat Caddell Takes Gabriel Sherman Back to the Woodshed

Fox News contributor and Democrat strategist Pat Caddell is at it again. Over the course of more than four decades in the public eye, he has taken on everyone from Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party establishment. 

Now he finds himself matched against the arrogance and obnoxiousness of one of the most inconsequential members of the liberal media.

On Friday, March 29, Caddell wrote a thunderous piece for Fox News Opinion that denounced rogue-reporter Gabriel Sherman. Breitbart News readers are familiar with Sherman, a hireling of the Soros-funded New American Foundation (NAF) who is writing a book about Roger Ailes and Fox. His journalistic mishaps and misdeeds–including accusations of harassment and even stalking–have been chronicled herehere, and here at Breitbart News. 

In his Fox News piece, Caddell took criticism of Sherman to a whole new level, accusing the writer of “incompetence,” “arrogance,” and of being “willfully ignorant.” To further drive the point home, Caddell included a verbatim e-mail from Sherman. 

Evidently, Sherman believes that any publicity is good, so long as his name is spelled right. So, amazingly, Sherman tweeted out Caddell’s column as part of his response to Caddell. Sherman should have thought further about his communications strategy.

Caddell had decked him, but Sherman felt the need to keep the story going. Later that same Friday he tweeted, “Among the odd things in Pat Caddell’s Fox News column, he left out that he called me back moments after I called him.”

But why was that? Why did Caddell call back? The next day, Saturday, March 30, Caddell explained why. He sent out two tweets from Fox “Political Insiders,” explaining that the reason he wanted to call Sherman back was that Sherman had reached him when he, Caddell, was with his grandchildren, and he didn’t want them to be listening as their grandfather chewed out an arrogant reporter. As Caddell tweeted: 

I did not want my family to hear what I needed to say to @gabrielsherman–children should never hear what he deserves to hear.

Then Caddell added in a second tweet:

Dealing with @gabrielsherman is like getting dog dung on your shoes. Pathetic. I’m throwing the shoes away.

Caddell is right. Few should be paying attention to Sherman.