Media Watchdog Howard Kurtz AWOL On Abortion Doc Murder Trial

Media Watchdog Howard Kurtz AWOL On Abortion Doc Murder Trial

For weeks now, New Media and individual activists on Twitter have been calling for the national media to end the ongoing blackout of the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortion doctor currently on trial for murdering seven babies.

Oddly enough, though, despite all this public energy and activity, a good faith search reveals that media watchdog Howard Kurtz has been just as silent on the issue as the national media.

A good faith Google search, a good faith search of Kurtz’s Twitter feed, and a good faith search of his perch at the Daily Download reveal nothing — not a single mention — of what is now the number-two topic trending on Twitter.

If my search missed something, I will update this post and the headline immediately. But I still want to ask…

Will Kurtz cover the most popular story the media is willfully ignoring on Reliable Sources, his long-running CNN show about the media, this weekend? Will Kurtz be a leader on this story or just another Narrative Slave eager to please the Narrative Plantation Overseers?

This is a bit off-topic, but part of the reason the media might be ignoring this horrific trial is that they can’t quite grasp what Gosnell did wrong. After all, as a Illinois lawmaker, President Obama vigorously opposed protecting born-alive babies from being aborted.

Hey, if the Sun God says butchering newborns is okay, how can it not be, right?



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