Ben Smith Blames 'The Right' For Conditions Of Gosnell Abortion

Ben Smith Blames 'The Right' For Conditions Of Gosnell Abortion

This is “BenSmithing” on steroids — in which the BuzzFeed Politics’ editor-in-chief is so eager to spin the capital murder trial of an abortion doctor into a liability for the right that he launches into a bizarre non-sequitur to connect the horrors that occurred in Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Pennsylvania abortion clinic to pro-life protesters and — get this — legislation occurring…in other states.


PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT: There’s certainly been a campaign on the right, to make it — to in lieu of being able to actually ban abortions, just to make it incredibly difficult to get. And this is obviously the downside of that, right? That people wind up going outside the law. And actually though, I think the abortion rights movement, I mean, is not defending Gosnell here. Although, somebody from the National Abortion Federation refused to certify his clinic and then didn’t call the cops, which is pretty damning.  (Real Clear Politics has more video.) 

Smith fired off this nonsense on a national cable news channel Monday, even though the truth happens to be the complete opposite of what he said.

First off, what Smith is really saying is that protesters in front of Gosnell’s clinic might have saved women from these horrors.

Secondly, it wasn’t regulation restricting abortion that brought Gosnell to trial for the capital murder of seven babies and a patient; it was a lack of regulation and oversight.

According to Grand Jury testimony, it was pro-abortion politics winning the day that allowed a breathtaking amount of evil to occur for almost two decades. The testimony states that the Department of Health stopped making official inspections of abortion clinics in ’93 or ’94 out of concern that such a thing “would be putting up a barrier to women” seeking abortions. Had those inspections not been stopped for political reasons, Gosnell might have been stopped decades ago.

Smith isn’t the only leftist making this same ridiculous argument. Many have said the same. But all their argument proves is that the left is obviously much more concerned with protecting the sacrament of abortion politics than they are with the well-being and safety of women seeking legal abortions.

On top of an untold number of  innocent children, women seeking legal abortions in Gosnell’s clinic were also victims. These women were exploited and subjected to numerous indignities, illnesses, and even death.

But Smith and company look at all these facts and still attempt to BenSmith them into being the result of regulations passed in other states — when they all know what the truth is: These unspeakable horrors committed against children and women alike were the direct result of the pro-abortion movement getting almost everything it wants

You would think Smith would be outraged over the lack of government regulation that allowed poor, mostly-non-white women to be exploited by a monster.

Apparently not when that kind of concern might take him off Planned Parenthood’s talking points.


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