Woodward Compares Benghazi To Watergate

Woodward Compares Benghazi To Watergate

Bob Woodward appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this Friday morning and, in stark contrast to his less-concerned Watergate colleague Carl Bernstein, he admonished the show’s hosts to “not dismiss Benghazi” and compared the White House’s behavior over CIA/State Department talking points with President Nixon’s handling of edited transcripts of taped conversations in the oval office. 

If you read through all these e-mails, you see that everyone in the government is saying, ‘Oh, let’s not tell the public that terrorists were involved, people connected to al Qaeda. Let’s not tell the public that there were warnings.’ I hate to show, this is one of the documents with the editing that one of the people in the state department said, ‘Oh, let’s not let these things out.’ And I have to go back 40 years to Watergate when Nixon put out his edited transcripts to the conversations, and he personally went through them and said, ‘Oh, let’s not tell this, let’s not show this.’ I would not dismiss Benghazi. It’s a very serious issue. As people keep saying, four people were killed. 

Watch the segment here. 

(H/T Weekly Standard)


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