Greenwald: Media Filled with 'Slavishly Partisan…Democrats'

Greenwald: Media Filled with 'Slavishly Partisan…Democrats'

Whatever you might think of Glenn Greenwald’s politics (I am not a fan) and his decision to break a number of stories surrounding Obama’s historic surveillance state (I am a fan), give the man points for consistency. This stuff infuriated Greenwald when Bush did it and he is just as infuriated today.

You can’t say the same about for the rest of the media, though, which is something Greenwald is recognizing among his left-wing media comrades. When it comes to a choice between principled consistency and circling the wagons to protect Obama, we all know which way most of the media is going to swing:

Greenwald told Business Insider late Tuesday night that he thinks some left-leaning members of the media — such as Time magazine’s Joe Klein and The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin — have shifted stances on surveillance and civil liberties for “principle-free, hackish, and opportunistic” reasons.

“I’m not surprised,” Greenwald said in an email. “I’ve been amazed and disappointed for a long time at how the most slavishly partisan media Democrats who pretended to care so much about these issues when doing so helped undermine George Bush are now the loudest apologists and cheerleaders for these very same policies. …

“To call them principle-free, hackish, and opportunistic is to be overly generous.”

Greenwald is an authentic left-wing civil rights liberal. Much of the rest of the media are nothing more than partisan leftists driven by hate, not principle.

And while the media’s mercenary double standard is most apparent with these surveillance scandals, we see it in almost everything else-including Obama’s failed economy, the Benghazi scandal, and the media forgiving/ignoring/downplaying an administration guilty of lying to them on a regular basis.  

Greenwald is wrong about almost everything, but unlike his colleagues, he is at least no lapdog.


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