Mass Senate: Media Ignore Ed Markey's 'Awful' Debate Performance

Mass Senate: Media Ignore Ed Markey's 'Awful' Debate Performance

If you want to know why Fox News insists on always describing Politico as “the left-wing Politico,” here is a perfect example. Last night U.S. Senate candidates Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez met for their final debate. Markey made at least two epic gaffes, but Politico chose to take no notice and covered the debate with a nothing-to-see here piece.

“Most of the debate was boilerplate and predictable,” is Politico’s summation.

Except it wasn’t, and local media is actually reporting the truth about Markey’s “awful…awful” performance:

From an objective viewpoint, Markey committed at least two major gaffes wherein he got caught with his hypocritical pants down — way down. Politico, however, chooses to cover up this fact to protect the Democrat’s chances of victory.

Unfortunately, Politico wasn’t alone. Almost all of the national media did the exact same.

The media’s goal, obviously, is to not upset the status quo at this critical point in the race.

The national media are protecting Markey’s lead.



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